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Cisco sparks up The Ellen DeGeneres Show

by Stephanie Chan

Cisco sparks up The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Cisco technology powers well-known talk show's giant video wall allowing Ellen to connect, interact and (of course) dance live with her fans.

"For Ellen DeGeneres, her audience and fans are the keys to her show. They love to see her dance and they love to dance with her. Over the years, the show has created many fun segments to engage with viewers at home and are  always looking for new ways to ensure that her audience can participate immersively where ever they are. Cisco has teamed up with The Ellen DeGeneres Show to make that happen with our video technology," says Boon Lai, VP Collaboration Product Marketing at Cisco.

The Emmy® Award-winning talk show, which airs  across America and international countries, can now reach audiences, from any location, in an entirely new way with the help of Cisco. 

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With a penchant towards video and the desire to connect Ellen with her guests outside of the studio, Cisco is now providing The Ellen DeGeneres Show with seamless audio and video technology

Known for its world-class video conferencing systems, IP phones and business messaging systems, Cisco video has already made a significant impact on the talk show scene with Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Wall of America". Late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live uses the video wall to interact with celebrities and guests around the globe.

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Now, The Ellen DeGeneres Show's Burbank, CA studio on the Warner Brothers lot is fully equipped. They have the entire scope of Cisco's video solutions—end-to-end from codecs and endpoints to UCS servers to power the show's new high definition video wall, and Cisco Spark to let them message, call, meet, and coordinate it all. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be able to utilize video in ways they have never before. 

With Cisco video technologies, remote video shoots don't have to be taped via satellite crews—anyone with a laptop or personal device would be able to easily connect. This gives the show the leeway and flexibility to be able to do fresh, new things creating opportunities for multiple video connections. The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be able to utilize video in ways they have never before.  

The next time you catch The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cisco video technology will be part of this magical experience. It's our invisible technology that lets the fun shine through in the forefront, allowing guests and viewers to get the best video experience possible.