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Certain jobs now accepting applications through Snapchat

by Stephanie Chan

Certain jobs now accepting applications through Snapchat

Certain jobs at McDonald's and Everlane can now be applied to through Snapchat. See what other companies use social media for recruitment.

Can Snapchat really land you a new job? Hundreds of media-hungry social stars might say yes—but now the disappearing-photo app is helping career-seekers with retail jobs as well. Digital Trends reports that Australian McDonald's is now accepting Snapchat videos as part of its job applications.

These "Snaplications" will have potential employees submit a 10-second video with a filter of themselves wearing an animated McDonald's uniform. And the fast food giant is not alone in utilizing this social media platform for recruitment efforts.

Online retailer Everlane is also accepting applicants through their Snapchat "Stories"—or the 60 to 90-second string of Snapchat videos that blend together to create a video. The video—meant for applicants to share why they would be perfect for the job—is then saved and tweeted out to Everlane. Glamour writes that the online retailer almost prefers this method of application over the traditional paper or online submission.

And perhaps McDonald's and Everlane understand something about today's social media presence that many of us are just catching onto—that a person's online savvy and digital personality equates for much more than we think.

Digiday reports that the Space150 agency is recruiting interns through Snapchat and a creative, SMS-based chatbot to screen applicants with clever questions. Buzzfeed writes that the University of Wisconsin Green Bay also sends Snaps to admitted students to tell them they had been accepted to the school. With celebratory emojis, these welcoming Snaps are truly today's way to get notified of your college acceptance.

Cisco is also immersed in the world of Snapchat, utilizing two Snapchat channels for different purposes. The company's corporate social handle takes Cisco events and the latest trends in tech news to create Snap-friendly stories for audiences. Cisco's talent brand Snapchat channel allows employees to do a daily "takeover"—where followers of this channel can catch snippets of different employees throughout their day.

Link Humans writes that this talent brand effort helps employees and non-employees alike to get to know more about Cisco's people and culture. Speaking of—be sure to follow our Snapchat adventures at @ciscosnap and @wearecisco.