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YouTube to stream Coachella performances—mobile users rejoice

by Stephanie Chan

YouTube to stream Coachella performances—mobile users rejoice

The Coachella music festival is full of music and inventive technology–and now those who can't attend can also experience it via YouTube.

Good news for every music fan unable to make it to Coachella this year—the festival will be livestreaming performances via its YouTube channel. Billboard reports that Coachella will have three always-on YouTube channels to stream shows from artists like Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, and more. Special performances may also get the YouTube 360-degree video treatment.

Technology has always been an important factor for the Coachella music and arts festival—many might remember the hologram of deceased rapper Tupac who graced the stage in 2012. Gizmodo writes that other cool technology utilized at Coachella across the years includes a dance floor disguised as a swimming pool, moving sculptures, and a 360-degree selfie station.

This year, attendees will be gifted a Coachella VR headset to use with their mobile phones. The festival is also unveiling "The Antarctic", a giant projection dome that will surely give concertgoers a truly immersive musical experience

Mobility and online video has been pervasive for years, and Cisco has predicted an even bigger rise in the next five years. Cisco's latest mobile VNI report states that mobile usage will approach 20% of total and fixed mobile IP traffic by 2021, a clear trend that is represented by YouTube-streamed performances this year at Coachella.

Looking at Coachella's incorporation of technology past and present, you can see that it's crucial to have great audio and visual in an overall concert experience. Cisco has partnered with Live Nation for that very reason, hooking up 30 amphitheaters with Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi by the summer of 2017 —perfect for every concert attendee that wants to enjoy the music and stream it too.