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Meet Cisco Millennial Alyssa Portera

by Brittany Coletti

Meet #Millennial Alyssa Portera

Cisco Millennial Alyssa Portera loves to travel and loves the diversity of her job day-to-day.

Alyssa Portera, Partner Account Manager

After graduating from College, I knew that I wanted to be in Sales, but had no idea how to start my career. I took a job post-graduation in Healthcare recruiting, and although it taught me discipline (and how to cold call—95 a day at minimum!), I didn't feel like it was what I wanted to do forever. I heard about the CSAP (Cisco Sales Associate Program) from doing some job searching online and felt that it would be a great way to jumpstart my sales career in a thriving industry. After a rigorous interview process and nerve-wracking assessment center, I was lucky enough to be extend an offer at Cisco to start in FY15! Even better, I was able to then leave my first job and move to Spain for 7 months to teach English while I waited for my start date. I cannot put into words how lucky I am to have found a company like Cisco, who not only invested in me, but who has helped shape who I am today.

I am in my third role at Cisco as a Partner Account Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region and live in downtown Washington, DC. I am thrilled to be working in our channel organization and I love being able to assist my partners in growing their Cisco Practice and reaching their goals. I get to work with our Territory Commercial team every week as their PAM and love the diversity of my job day-to-day. I enjoy being able to mix up working from our Herndon office, working from home (albeit small, my little home office is quite mighty) and working from my Partner's offices. No two days are the same and there is always a new challenge or question to answer, but I love feeling like I am making an impact in our Mid-Atlantic Territory.

Outside of work, I have made it my personal mission to explore all the hidden gems that Washington, DC has to offer! I love to walk around the city, explore new neighborhoods, and find fun coffee shops to make my temporary office on days I need to get out of the house. I have fallen in love with the fitness community here in DC and am a member at both FlyWheel Sports and CorePower yoga. I have a love for traveling and the Spanish language. When I'm not in my Spanish language class at the International Language Institute here in DC, or doing an "intercambio" with a native Spanish Speaker, I am traveling to a Spanish speaking country! I'm so happy to work for such a great company and love that I'm able to take 8 days off to head to Chile for my first South American adventure!

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