Feature Story

Transformation in the healthcare industry—and how Cisco is innovating

by Stephanie Chan

Transformation in the healthcare industry

With the HIMSS conference around the corner, what kind of progress are we seeing in the healthcare field?

The advances in healthcare are happening at breakneck speed and some of the latest cutting-edge innovations and technology will be on display next week at one of the most respected annual healthcare conferences, called HIMSS. That stands for Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. While it may not roll off the tongue, this conference promises to bring together 40-thousand health experts from around the world. 

Cisco will be present at the healthcare summit, showing how a secure wireless network paired with mobility solutions can help improve patient care and connect health care professionals to critical patient information anytime, anywhere. 

Clearly, progress and innovation continue to happen at an exponential rate in healthcare. Forbes reports that China's healthcare system is looking into implementing new technology platforms in tele-health, online prescription refills, and more.

Similarly, the CIO of St. Luke's Healthcare Systems says that the company is working on a mobile platform to create a better experience for patients. In an article by CIO, this shift is what the industry is calling value-based care. 

We're seeing a lot of trends in the healthcare space with innovations in VR, machine learning, and wearables. Virtual reality—with its widespread reach into multiple fields—can help patients find tranquility for the body and mind. Wearables like smart glasses can also help doctors spend less time typing into record systems and more time with their patients.

Another revolutionary new wearable called the ITBra is making strides in breast cancer detection. 


To learn more about what Cisco is doing with breast cancer research in the world of the Internet of Things, click here. Are you planning to attend or follow #HIMSS17 next week? Share in the comments what you're looking forward to.