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Meet Millennial Gonzalo Albaladejo

by Brittany Coletti

Meet #millennial Gonzalo Albaladejo

Meet Gonzalo Albaladejo, a Networking Consulting Engineer who loves the flexibility of his job.

Gonzalo Albaladejo, Networking Consulting Engineer

I discovered what I like about Cisco after joining the company. In school, I studied industrial engineering and knew very little about the corporate world. I chose to work for Cisco because of the opportunities it offers for my future. Now, what I value most about Cisco, is the People Deal.

I am currently a Networking Consulting Engineer (NCE) based in Madrid. I love the flexibility of my job, and that my boss allows me to work (almost) when and wherever I want. The focus is on getting the job done and getting the best customer satisfaction. The rest is completely up to the employee.

In my free time, I love to travel and I'm lucky that I get to travel a lot with my job at Cisco. I am also a sports addict and my current sports obsession is surfing.  My idea of a perfect vacation is traveling to a new country and surfing.

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