Feature Story

Meet Millennial Stephen Lam

by Brittany Coletti

Meet Millennial Stephen Lam

Meet Stephen Lam, a Global Audience Manager who loves to go to work everyday.

Stephen Lam, Global Audience Manager 

I chose to work for Cisco because of its atmosphere and opportunity it presents. I've had other internships in technology, pharmaceuticals and law-related fields, but none had the right mixture of work-life balance, professional growth opportunity, mentorship, and social aspects that Cisco has. I wake up in the morning looking forward to coming to work because my job is challenging, educational and I have the best coworkers. 

My official role is that of a Global Audience Manager in the Digital Marketing Organization.  But that's just a fancy way of saying if you searched anything related to Cisco or Cisco-related products, my job is to track your movements, likes and dislikes to eventually get you to choose Cisco. This is a new way of B2B targeting which is exciting for me as a millennial because I know I am making a direct impact. I love my job because we are leading the way in next generation marketing.

For fun, my philosophy is to try everything at least once. Recently I've tried parkour and have taken an interest in it. I also like biking and exploring abandoned buildings and places not everyone would usually go to. 


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