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Go #InsideInnovation at Cisco Innovation Center Tokyo

Travel to Tokyo, Japan's largest city, where Cisco is partnering with companies like Toshiba and institutions like Keio University to bring new tech innovation to the forefront. At Cisco Innovation Center Tokyo, the best and brightest are collaborating on creative solutions in manufacturing, real-time data and analytics, optimized retail recommendations, and environmental monitoring. Here, you can truly see the benefits of connecting with the Internet of Everything.


So here's the real space, and we have the cities, then we have a bunch of different types of sensors Cisco may provide into the cyberspace. So that we can have better connected services for a better society.

Graphic: Where innovation happens Cisco IoE Innovation Centers

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and there are many enterprises, acadamia, and startups. They develop new solutions for Japan and the world.

Cisco IOE's Innovation Center Tokyo is a global partner located here in Japan.

We are developing solutions for manufacturing and the public sector.

Graphic: What innovation looks like Cisco IoE Innovation Centers

Toshiba is one of the partner of the Cisco innovation center. We introduced cutting edge technology for IoE.

We have data from the manufacturing equipment or facilities. We can collect these data from our endpoint to transfer to Cisco's technology. We analyze and consolidate our important data for real time control for the long-term future. We more efficiently manage our factories all over the world.

Graphic: Visualization of real-time data = 30% increase in manufacturing productivity

We are using our full computing technology to handle the vast majority of the data generated which makes our new platform for smart manufacturers. We're also working with Preferred Networks, they have a unique deep planning technology.

We like to input our solution into Cisco's device to process various data in real time. We bring to market video analytics for retail customers to analyze video streams. By tracking human movement and behavior, we optimize recommendations for each customer. We believe our technology will improve the quality of life in many cities.

Graphic: How we power innovation Cisco IoE Innovation Centers

Keio University was the leading university to connect the internet services all over Japan. We have good collaboration with Cisco Japan innovation center and we integrate our technology with their technology. Nowadays we are more focusing on the internet of everything.

We provide environmental monitoring to visualize what's happening around the city. We have to reduce data gathering cost, connect literally, everything together. Cisco may help with the fog architecture.  

We have many interesting new things happening. I hope everyone the benefit of connecting everything together in a horizontal way so that we can have better services for society and sustainable community in Japan.



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