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New Analyst Whitepaper Roadmaps Development of the Internet of Everything

Internet of Things (IoT), a key component of the IoE, is driving market attention to business opportunities.

A new MachNation whitepaper released today roadmaps the forthcoming development of Internet of Everything (IoE) and its components, including the Internet of Things (IoT).  According to the paper, IoT is driving market attention to the business opportunities afforded by connecting physical objects to the Internet, and over time, public and private organizations will take a series of technology and business-related steps to realize the financial and societal benefits of IoE.  

"The Internet of Everything represents one of the largest technology and business environment changes we will experience in the first part of this century. Over the next 10 years, we will see continued development in the ways private- and public-sector organizations use connected devices, hardware, networks, platforms, analytics applications and other technologies to achieve their business and civic objectives." says Steve Hilton, co-founder and Managing Director of MachNation.