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Inside Cisco's Shock and Vibration Lab

DID YOU KNOW the frequency of some vibrations are so fast, they aren't visible to the human eye? #discovercisco

Shaking and vibrating  - no matter how slight - can impact the performance of a product. In Cisco's Shock and Vibration Lab, design and packaging engineers test the mechanical toughness of products while they are in development.

Cisco's Shock and Vibration Lab - Dropping Package

Making sure a TelePresence camera can handle the bumps and jumps of a delivery truck or a 2900 series router can withstand a GR-63 Zone 4 earthquake (an earthquake with a potential magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter scale ) is critical information for developers to know before an order ships across the country or around the world.

Cisco's Shock and Vibration Lab - Shaking Switch

In this lab, machines shake, rattle…and drop products all in response to customer demands.  It's not just a matter of making sure touchscreens screens are delivered in one piece or solder joints stay tight in hi-powered routers. In some cases, these tests are designed to guarantee life saving communications, carried by Cisco gear, can continue in times of crisis and natural disasters.  

Whether a customer is running a data center to support mobile communications around the world or a mid-size company with teams around the country, the robustness and ruggedness of the technology they will use is put to the test here.

Cisco's Shock and Vibration Lab - Shake and Drop Prodcuts