The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead:April 7-11

Happy Friday! On The Network this week: Everything from baseball in the cloud, to smelling the coffee through your computer with the next wave of the Internet.

1.) Smell the Coffee with the Next Wave of the Internet

Will touch, smell and taste be part of the Internet of Everything experience?

Post by Cisco.


2.) One Second in Baseball Brought To You By The Cloud

See how the intersection of big data, mobility and cloud has begun to transform every aspect of baseball.

Post by Cisco.


3.) How Big Data is Sparking Social Change

A look at how activists are harnessing mobile technology and big data to fight poverty and the food crisis.

Post by Cisco.


4.) My #InternetofEverything Perspective: Driving Smarter with Technology and UPS

Post by Cisco.


Coming up next week:

-Why should young people consider a STEM career? We'll have the top ten reasons why it makes sense.

-Smart garbage cans mean big business thanks to the Internet of Everything

-We'll take you to a one of a kind acoustic chamber. See what makes it so amazing and find out how it's used.

See you next week!

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