Feature Story

Cisco Unified Computing System, in Praise of Technology Convergence

Remember when your cell phone was only a phone? Or what life was like before your car was connected to the Internet?

Gone are the days when you had to watch your favorite TV shows… on a TV. 

More and more, technology that used to be separate is coming together to make our lives easier and more seamless. In honor of the 5th year anniversary of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), here are five of our favorite examples of things that are greater than the sum of their parts.

1. Are you reading this from your iPhone? Smartphones are a classic example of technology convergence. They’re now pocket-sized computers that take pictures, makes calls and allow you to switch between playing Angry Birds, checking your email, and FaceTiming with your dog.

UCS mobile phone gif

2. Your game console? Not just for games anymore. It’s your entire home entertainment system in one device. So that new season of House of Cards is right at your fingertips. As is the Food Network or your Call of Duty game, with the click of a button.

UCS retro game gif

3. Blending fashion and technology, wearables are the latest trend. While Fitbit tracks your every move, Google Glass allows you to access the internet and take photos hands-free.

UCS Google Glass gif

4. Cisco UCS. Because this is our list after all. It pioneered convergence in the data center by bringing together networking, storage, and compute for the first time. In just 5 years, UCS has over 30,000 customers and Cisco is ranked second worldwide in x86 blade server revenue market share, with 32 percent share in the US and a top five ranking among server vendors overall.

UCS gif

5. Last but not least, the turducken—a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. It’s not a technologically impressive example, but it’s the most delicious of the bunch.

UCS turducken gif

As you can see, this convergence trend is here to stay and more prevalent than ever in our daily lives! Happy 5th birthday UCS!