The most disruptive video moments over the past 100+ years.

1. The Beginning

1906: Lee De Forest found that a small voltage could control a large electrical current in a beam of cathode rays traveling through a vacuum tube which in turn was able to both amplify and visualize electric signals. This “tube” was the beginning of the field of electronics, and one of the reasons why we refer to our television sets today as the Tube.

2. The Silver Screen Era

The cinema industry booms, integral in helping Americans cope with the Great Depression or get the word about the War effort.

3. TVs Enter the Home

Television sets became commercialized and many households purchased their first set. This also changed the way news was communicated- it was the first foray of breaking news that was easily available to the population.

4. Television Rules the Nation

The influence of video broadens as televisions become the center of every living room in America. TV became a window to entertainment, sports, and video games.

5. Home Recording Devices Enter the Market

From home videos like JackAss and movies such as The Blair Witch Project, the gap between the audience and the producer grows smaller and smaller.

6. Mind Blowing High Definition Blows Minds

Normal television boxes are clunky and outdated. Plasma and flat screens, which have enhanced pixels from 4x3 to 16x9, change the face of the electronics market, allowing for a better home theater experience. 

7. User Generated Video Platforms Become the Norm

Funny cats and daredevil stunts find a home for all to see. YouTube, a video sharing website comes to a computer near you. Related: your productivity also goes down.

8. Video Transforms the Workplace

Video becomes integrated into the workplace. Remote collaboration helps teams meet across the country or even across continents, saving valuable budget and travel time.

9. Video Meets Mobility

If you thought having a camera on your laptop was convenient, now phones are becoming equipped with video. The ability to record and share in real time is once again revolutionizing the way we communicate and share news.

10. Entertainment Loses the Middleman

After video solutions went mobile, it was only a matter of time until other services followed their lead. Companies now offer streaming movie releases, TV shows and exclusive programs.

11. The Future of Video

Distinguished engineers at Cisco are looking for a way to bring video out of the box in the corner of the room. Using a tablet as a remote, users are able to consume their favorite content online. Even better that content is being displayed through 9 flat screens working together.

What do you think will be the future of video?

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