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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: Nov. 18-22

If you haven't checked out our new issue of Focus, now's your chance! It's full of informative articles, videos and a quiz on all things related to technology in Brazil. Here's a look at some of what you'll find.

1.) True Stories of the Connected: Tech Savvy Brazil

We follow the Chief Digital Officer for the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's second largest city. He shows us how social tools and real-time data are helping the city to operate more efficiently.

2.) Social Media: The New Crime Fighting Tool

A look at how smartphones, social media and data are helping citizens and police in Brazil fight crime.

3.) Brazil by the Numbers

See how much you know about this Latin American Country with our interactive quiz!

4.) Telemedicine Allows Hospitals to Transfer Knowledge in Real Time

Telemedicine allows doctors from two separate hospitals to assist critically ill patients, in the absence of specialists and helps those need of a second opinion get a more complete assessment.

Here's a look at the entire issue: Focus: Brazil's New Frontier


5.) Also This Week: Cisco's new study on the Internet of Everything Retail Opportunity

Post by Cisco.

Coming Up Next Week:

True Stories of the Connected: Opportunity on Main Street

A look at intelligent parking services that will change life for drivers, businesses and residents.

See you next week!