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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: Oct. 21-25

Before you start your weekend, find out about the next big technology transition in our new issue of Focus: Internet of Everything.

1.) True Stories of the Connected: Smart Farming on the Vine

In this episode of True Stories of the Connected, a vineyard owner demonstrates how sensor technology is helping to produce better grapes, and ultimately better wine.

2.) The Internet of Everything Moves Home Automation toward the Mainstream

See how the hardware and software that make up the Internet of Everything are making home automation a reality.

3.) Beyond the Touchscreen: The Human Body as User Interface

A look at how researchers are testing "imaginary interfaces" as an alternative to the usual mode of mobile-device interaction.

4.)  New Waves of Tech Innovation Could Boost Economy

How The Internet of Everything can help unlock the human potential of unemployed and underemployed workers.

Click here to see the whole issue of Focus: Internet of Everything, and look below to check out the top stories on Twitter and Facebook this week.


Post by Cisco.


Post by Cisco.


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