Feature Story

What Brand Journalism Can Learn From "Shark Week"

Introducing Cisco's monthly "Focus" digital magazine

John Earnhardt


"Shark Week" is a phenomenon produced by Discovery Channel as a yearly highlight of their programming. Discovery Channel has shows about sharks at other times of the year, but the weekly focus on sharks lets shark lovers know they are participating in a focused, SHARK-ONLY zone.

"The Network" is Cisco's two-year old foray into brand journalism and while we have had great success so far, we thought we'd take the Shark Week concept and produce a monthly magazine or "Focus."  We'll continue to produce great technology content focused on the topics of core networking, collaboration, data center, video and more, but going forward for this NEW fiscal year (our FY started in August), we will produce a monthly online magazine on topics that we want to dig a little deeper on. We will offer videos, feature content from our fabulous journalist contributors, blogs from our executives, Google Hangouts on the topics and more.

For August, the topic is "technology in education." With students going back to school, we take a look at the technology making a difference in education. We will have this #teched focused content for our first "Focus" issue live on August 26…so if you are interested in technology in education, please join us this month at: http://newsroom.cisco.com/technology-in-education-august2013.

Content that we'll share this month on technology in education includes:

- "Drop In: One aspect of Humanizing Massive Online Education" by Erik Rabkin

- "Top Tech Hurdles for Educators in 2013-2014"  by Betsy Corcoran

- "Trailblazer –Interview with Nicholas Negroponte - Global Perspective on Education and Connected Technology" by Kevin Maney

- Poll: How can schools better prepare today's students for jobs in the technology industry?

- Google hangout with Cisco SVP and CMO Blair Christie – Empowering Young Women Through Technology

- VIDEO:  True Stories of the Connected: This short film takes an intimate look at the life of a Cambodian man whose IT training and education is allowing him to advance his career and make a better life for himself, his family and his community.

- VIDEO – Cisco 3.0 Pilot program – A look at how the program in Mexico has changed education and how students learn in the region. You will hear from educators and students about how the has affected them.

In the coming months, other topics we will explore will be:

September – Technology and Canada

October – Internet of Everything

November – Technology and Brazil

December – Security in a Networked World

January – Mobility

We've already been successful in producing serial content on a regular basis about our executives (see "Leadership@Cisco"), Cisco Innovators, Network Trailblazers, and "connected content" like "My Networked Life" and we hope you'll join us as we tackle these intriguing topics in depth…in our monthly "Focus."