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Focus: A Monthly Digital Magazine Brought to You by The Network

In-depth coverage of key technology and business trends from around the world.

What is Focus?
Focus is a new, online publication from The Network, that gives you an inside, and in-depth look at a specific topic or region every month. The monthly thematic online publication will spotlight the latest trends and news on technology, business and culture affecting the technology industry. Focus is packed with informative articles, videos and other digital content where you'll hear from leaders, experts and influencers in a particular field. It's all produced and curated by The Network team, and it's all in one place, ready to watch, read, and share. Some of the topics we will focus on are Technology in Education, Technology and Canada, Internet of Everything, Technology and Brazil and Security in a Networked World. These are just a few that will be part of the overall package and will be updated every month.