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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: June 10-14

Happy Friday! Here's a look at the top stories on The Network this week, and what to look forward to next week.

1.) Proximity-Based Social Change

One man used to look for fellow veterans in his community by scouting car bumper stickers, now he can use an app to get the information instantly. Find out how proximity-based social networking applications are helping create connections, support, and social change.

2.) The "Mobile-First" Boom

Take a peek into the world of "mobile-first" design, in which apps are uniquely tailored to the mobile medium. Which companies are diving in and how is the trend changing the user experience?

3.) Hack IT: 24 Hour Hack-A-Thon Pushes Engineers Beyond The Norm

We check in with some Cisco engineers and college students as they tackle a 24 hour, intense problem solving and coding marathon.

4.) The NBA and the Internet of Everything

It's a fan's dream come true! We show you how the NBA might take advantage of the Internet of Everything, providing coaches with real-time data, and fans with instant replays, highlights and player stats right from their own mobile device.

Coming up next week:

  • Fog computing made clear.

In our latest Cisco innovators piece, we talk to Cisco fellow Flavio Bonomi. He gives us examples of how fog computing is impacting everything from traffic to healthcare.

  • Connected Cars

It's not just gas or electricity that cars are running on these days, it's data. See how cars are becoming part of the Internet of Everything and how that will impact everything from your commute to your driving experience.

  • Takeaways from Partner Summit 2013

President of Development and Sales Rob Lloyd shares his key takeaways for partners from the 2013 Cisco Partner Summit.

We'll see you next week!