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Photos: International Women's Day Panel

Top business women got together for a discussion about International Women's Day during a live webcast at Cisco.Participants included Blair Christie, Deborah Hopkins, Lynette Lewis, Padmasree Warrior, Alison Gleeson and Tracey Warson.

Top business women got together for a discussion about International Women's Day during a live webcast at Cisco.

International Women's Day honors the economic, political and social achievements of women everywhere. Cisco and Citi executives shared a lively discussion with hundreds of women centered around three major themes: Empower, Engage and Innovate.

Cisco CMO Blair Christie shared with the audience that data shows companies have a better outcome when women are included in the decision making. She also talked about the importance of building good relationships in your job and having a peer coach who can help guide you in reaching your potential.

Deborah Hopkins, CIO at Citi said, "It's about innovating you. Don't be defined by what you studied or what you do now." She also said women need to feel confident they can step outside their comfort zones and take on a new challenge or opportunity. "Feel the fear and take the leap anyway," says Hopkins.

Author and Inspirational Speaker Lynette Lewis talked about the power of purpose. She says purpose is the answer to the question "why," and answering the question "why" helps people reach deeper fulfillment. She encourages people to write a purpose statement to find their own "why."

Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior told the audience we all have the power to mold our own futures, and we can't let our job titles define who we are.

Want to get more inspiration? Watch the discussion by signing up here: International Women's Day Webcast.

Participants included:

Blair Christie, SVP, CMO WW Government Affairs at Cisco

Deborah Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer at Citi and Chairman of Venture Capital Initiatives

Lynette Lewis, Author of “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos” and inspirational speaker

Padmasree Warrior, SVP, CTO and Strategy Officer at Cisco

Alison Gleeson, SVP US Commercial Sales at Cisco

Tracey Warson, Managing Director, Global Market Manager at Citi Private Bank North America