Feature Story

The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: February 18-22

Check out this week's top stories and see what we have planned for next week.

1.) The Future of Connected Cars: What to do With All that Data? 

A look at the changes ahead for auto makers and drivers as cars get more connected to the rest of the world. Feature article by Steve Wildstrom. 

2.) Leadership at Cisco: Pankaj Patel 

Pankaj Patel, Cisco's Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer gives his advice about what he thinks makes a great leader. In this video you will also learn what he wanted to be when he was just a teenager and how he ended up in engineering.

3.) Embracing IoE to Capture Your Share of $14.4 Trillion 

On Monday, Cisco released a white paper that estimates the value at stake in the Internet of Everything Economy as being a $14.4 trillion opportunity for companies and industries worldwide over the next 10 years. Learn more and follow the Twitter hashtags #WhyIOE and #IOE for more information! 


Here's some stuff to look out for next week!! 

  • Online Education and the Virtual Classroom:  Online education is tearing down the classroom walls, making way for new ideas and business opportunities. 
  • We'll also be doing a Google+ hangout next week at RSA in San Francisco! Be sure to tune in!!