The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: August 27-31

Check out The Network's top stories of the week and what to look forward to next week!

Campaign 2012 is heating up with the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and Cisco technology is connecting it all!

Here's a look at some of this week's other top stories.

1). My Networked Life: Kurt Varner, California, United States


Meet Kurt Varner. His dream is to build a start up, but in order to do so, he has chosen to save money by living from his car in California's Silicon Valley. He uses his cell phone and video chat to stay connected to his wife, and says being able to work from anywhere is a big plus in realizing his dream. Look for another My Networked Life video next week!

2). Working from Home Together:

With the growing number of employees joining the work-at-home movement, we take a look at the tools companies are using to get distant teams to work together.

 3). Mobile Apps With a Social Conscience:

 We take a look at apps that help you be socially and environmentally responsible, including one that lets you scan a product's bar code and instantly get a rating on it.

4). Collaborative Technology: A Doctor's New Best Friend:

Collaborative Technology is now allowing doctors to consult with a team of experts in different regions  before surgeries and meet with patients remotely to address their concerns.

Take a look on what we have planned for next week...

  • On Tuesday, hear from Robert Pepper,  Cisco's VP of Global Technology Policy. We'll get his thoughts on working with government leaders, and the importance of open and fair telecom policies.
  • We'll also introduce you to Azita Ardakani from Canada. She's a young entrepreneur who is using  technology to build a client base around the world. It's the latest in our My Networked Life video series.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


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