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Developers create new augmented reality experiences for mobile

by Stephanie Chan

Developers create new augmented reality experiences for mobile

Innovations in augmented and virtual reality come to users in new ways—see how Cisco is bringing the workspace to VR.

With Apple's brand new iOS 11 update, the company's augmented reality kit is quickly becoming a hit amongst users and brands alike. Major League Baseball, Lowe's, and Ikea are just some companies leveraging the new AR capabilities.

Techradar writes that the App Store is filling-up with new software tools and games for AR, turning smart phones and tablets into new tools to overlay augmented experiences.

Home improvement company Lowe's mobile app called Measured by Lowe's can operate like a tape measure by overlaying the tape onto images of furniture on the phone's camera. Lowe's other app, Envisioned by The Mine, can help users see how their renovation will look like before they begin their projects.

Furniture and home design goes hand-in-hand with AR, and Ikea's app Ikea Place works to use Apple's AR tech to fill up your home. Users simply scan a room they want to furnish, and the app will let you place Ikea goods into the space, giving people a way to envision the final look.

Major League Baseball is getting in the fun as well through their "At Bat" mobile app. By pointing an iPhone to action on the baseball field, the app's AR capabilities are able to see how hard a ball was hit, how far it was thrown, or how fast a player is running.

Cisco's virtual reality workspace

While AR is allowing users to fill their actual room with augmented furniture and renovations, Cisco has created a way to virtually enter an office space through VR.

Cisco's Spark in VR brings the company's messaging, calling, and video-chatting system to virtual reality—users can collaborate with each other in a virtual office that has whiteboarding, calls, and messages.

This project is in beta and requires the use of an Oculus Rift system. Check out more about Spark in VR and how you can get involved below.