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How the NFL mixes football and technology

by Stephanie Chan

How the NFL mixes football and technology

Sports welcome streaming and digital experiences—see how Cisco is also bringing tech to the games.

The 2017 National Football League (NFL) season kicked off last week to an exciting start for viewers and Fantasy Football players alike. Beyond interactive gaming, the NFL is also working with next-generation technologies to help get their players—and games—in the best shape possible.

Sports Illustrated reports that each player's shoulder pads are inserted with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, tracking movements of players during games. Wearable bands can monitor players' strength, using accelerometers to track speed and measure the force of pushing sleds during training. New innovation in these sectors including genetics, blood, and recovery, is all managed through data. This kind of data is crucial for player growth, and teams are creating data sources to take insight and action.

Streaming the games

For those only concerned with the tech that can help them watch the games, streaming services are abound with options. Monday Night Football fans can catch games on Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.

Those watching on Thursday nights can see those games via the above mentioned as well as the CBS All Access Pass. For Amazon Prime members, they can catch CBS and NBC games for free. Check out this handy article from Refinery29 to see your best streaming options.

Cisco digitizes sports

Cisco is an expert with behind-the-scenes technology for sporting events—the company was the Official Technology Partner of the NBA and brought the excitement of NBA Draft Night to many through its video conferencing capabilities.

Using this technology, Cisco brought fresh picked NBA players to the Jimmy Kimmel studio via his Cisco-powered Wall of America.

Cisco Connected Sports and Entertainment solutions also helped digitize and transform the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust.

The Cisco connected stadium enables fans and partners to have the full digital experience every time someone steps into the arena.

As soon as a fan enters a stadium, their mobile app sends them a welcome message. 1700 IP TVs with stadium vision fill the arena, bringing partners' tailored content to the fans. Wi-Fi also connects everyone at every corner of the stadium.

Cisco loves connecting fans to the game experience by being at the forefront of the fan journey—learn more about their Sports and Entertainment solutions here.


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