Jim Walsh

SVP, Global Sales Segments and Industries

Jim Walsh is the Senior Vice President of the Global Sales Segment and Industries team where he is responsible for delivering a consistent sales strategy across all segments and geographies. Previously, Jim led the Global Enterprise Segment, where he led the go-to-market strategy for 500 of Cisco's largest customers globally.

Walsh's deep understanding of both his clients' business and Cisco's technologies has been key to his success. He is well known for leading teams that consistently deliver their objectives with a high degree of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Walsh has held several executive positions at Cisco, including Senior Vice President of Cisco's multi-billion dollar Security business where he accelerated security sales; Vice President and Chief of Staff for Cisco's President of Development and Worldwide Sales, where he was responsible for executing Cisco's strategic agenda. He also served as the Vice President of Financial Services for the Global Enterprise Theater where he grew the financial markets business by delivering tangible business outcomes to Cisco's most strategic global financial services clients.  Prior to this role, Walsh was the Client Director for Bank of America.  

Before joining Cisco in 1996, Walsh held various field operations and sales positions at NYNEX.

Walsh has a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Villanova University and an MBA degree from Fordham University. He is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.