Sumeet Arora

SVP/General Manager, Service Provider Network Systems

Sumeet is senior vice president and general manager of Service Provider Network Systems at Cisco. In this role, he leads the engineering, development, and product management team for the networking/routing portfolio aimed at the SP segment. He has been with Cisco since 1998, and during this time, has driven a number of industry-leading transitions across a breadth of Cisco products and technologies.

His team delivers innovation for Service Provider networking across routing, optical transport, and new business models. In addition, they develop products and capabilities for mass scale networking with a focus on developing open, adaptive, modular, and programmable products enabling web speed of development and mass scale deployment.

During his 20 years at Cisco, Sumeet has led the development and delivery of flagship Service Provider routing products such as the Cisco 12000, CRS-1/3, and the NCS 1K/5K/5500/6000. His work has included driving the early evolution of IOS XR operating system to the edge of the networks. He has worked closely with many customers to help them build world-class networks and thereby earn their trust and confidence. Sumeet has also been a key member of the Data Center team at Cisco and has led the strategy and development of NXOS to better meet the needs of the business under disruptive market transitions. His team has also led the delivery of many software capabilities across the Nexus 3K/5K/7K and Nexus 9K product families.

Sumeet has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communications from Indian Institute Of Technology at Varanasi, India and an MBA in Global Management. He also has a Certificate in Advanced Software Systems from Stanford University.

When Sumeet isn't working or traveling, he spends his time catching up on his children's interests as well as on the issues relating to environment and global macro-economics.

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