Anand Oswal

SVP, Engineering, Intent-Based Networking Group

Anand Oswal serves as Senior Vice President, Engineering, Intent-Based Networking Group. He is responsible for building the complete set of platforms and solutions for the Cisco Enterprise Networking Portfolio, which spans enterprise products across routing, access switching, IoT connectivity, wireless, and network/cloud services deployed at customers worldwide.

Anand joined Cisco via the acquisition of Starent Networks, a leader in mobile packet core gateways. At Starent he was responsible for building revolutionary, industry-leading telecom products that were also maximized for profitable growth. Earlier still, he held leadership roles at Siara Systems, acquired by Redback Networks, Sun Microsystems, and Ericsson.

Anand is a dynamic leader, building strong, diverse, and motivated teams that continually excel through a relentless focus on execution. He holds over 60 U.S. patents and is focused on innovation and inspiring his team to build awesome products and solutions.

Anand holds a bachelor's degree in telecommunications from the College of Engineering, Pune, India and a master's degree in computer networking from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

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