Country Digitization Acceleration

“Digitization will be key to how countries maintain global competitiveness, increase GDP growth, foster innovation and create new jobs.” - John Chambers

The Blueprint

to Country Digitization Acceleration

  Fig. A: Country Digitization Advances Education
  Fig. B: Country Digitization Enables Innovation
  Fig. C: Country Digitization Increases GDP
  Fig. D: Country Digitization Improves Quality Of Life

Cisco's Country Digitization Acceleration Strategy is a long-term partnership with national leadership, industry & academia. By accelerating the national digitization agenda, the country will grow GDP, create new jobs and provide innovation and education across public & private sectors. Download The Blueprint Infographic

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February 19, 2016

France: Country digitization

See how France is becoming one of the top startup hubs in the world, and what country digitization holds for the future of its citizens.

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