Executive Biography
Gilles Leyrat
SVP, Client Experience Services

Gilles Leyrat is Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Client Experience Services, an organization responsible for operational engagement with Cisco's Channel Partners and Customers. Since joining Cisco in 2011, he has overseen a major transformation of operations in his organization that supports Cisco’s evolving business models.

As Cisco transitions to a software and recurring revenue model, Leyrat plays an integral role in optimizing the company’s overall operations and providing simplified and standardized business services, including licensing and entitlement management.

Under his leadership, the Client Experience Services organization has dramatically increased the quality of data available to both the customer and Cisco’s Sales, improving the customer experience and accelerating Cisco’s revenue growth.

Before joining Cisco, Leyrat gained extensive IT industry experience in a variety of global leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard. He also served as general manager of a software start-up company, developing computer-aided simulations for major manufacturers in the defense, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Leyrat holds a Doctorate in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University as well as several advanced degrees in Applied Mechanical and Materials Engineering.