If, several months from now, you notice that the person on the treadmill next to you at the gym has an odd-looking Band-Aid-like thing on his torso, don't worry: It's probably just a performance monitor. The product, called AmpStrip and made by...
SAN JOSE, Calif, --- March 27, 2015 --- Cisco will host a Tech Talk with UBS Securities to discuss Cisco’s packet-optical convergence strategy. Bill Gartner, Vice President of Optical Systems and Transceivers Group, will give a brief...
1.) Focus Magazine: on the go with Connected Transportation   What would life be like without transportation? See how the #InternetOfEverything is driving a more connected auto industry in #CiscoFocus:...
LAUSANNE/SAN JOSE (26 MARCH 2015)—IMD, the top-ranked business school focused on executive education, announced today a contribution valued at $US 10 million from Cisco to become the world leading destination for research, innovation and...
SAN JOSE, California, March 26, 2015 – Cisco announced today that Telefonica, one of the largest providers of communications services in Latin America, has deployed the Cisco ASR 9000 (aggregation router), ASR 90 1 and ASR 903, as part of its ...
Reston, VA – March 26, 2015, The Industrial Internet Consortium ® announces its first energy-focused testbed: the Communication and Control Testbed for Microgrid Applications. Industrial Internet Consortium member organizations...
Forestry research doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of the Big Apple. But the 635-acre Alley Pond Park in New York City is one of the most recent areas wired to be part of a network of research sites in the U.S. called Smart...
BERLIN, Germany – March 24, 2015, The first solution incubated from the Cisco IoE Innovation Center in Berlin is now available to the market.  Developed in collaboration with Berlin-based company azeti Networks, a new asset management...
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SAN JOSE – March 23, 2015 – Cisco Investments, SAP, Sapphire Ventures and Siemens Technology to Business (TTB) will host "IoT: Empowering The Enterprise," one of the industry's first conferences dedicated to exploring the Internet of Things (IoT)...
Read more about the Port of Hamburg See Also: Cisco Connected Train Demo
Focus Magazine: Connected Transportation
Most of us don’t usually associate California’s Silicon Valley with public transportation. Traffic jams and technology, perhaps. Trains, not so much. But the city of San Jose is in the midst of a pilot using Internet of Everything...
Is our car becoming a jumbo smartphone? The new ones, at least, are loaded with apps, can be accessed remotely via other devices, be opened using a passcode, and have (sometimes multiple) electronic displays. It's a whole new era in driving....
By Mary Bradburne Each year, more than 70,000 people attend the South by Southwest Interactive, Film and Music Festivals in Austin, Texas. This year, Cisco’s corporate social media team joined the tech-savvy and artistic throngs to...
1.) Detected Movie Trailer Premieres at South by Southwest 2015   2.) Hybrid – The Next Wave of Cloud Innovation   Post by Cisco .     3.) Transportation Technology Eases...
MELBOURNE, Australia, March 19, 2015: – Cisco today announced the release of Cisco StadiumVision® 4.0, a more extensible and modular version of the industry-leading, end-to-end, high-definition IPTV solution, enabling broader, richer...
The Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Centre, Australia, is the company's eighth globally and will serve as a hub for open innovation. Initial focus will be to develop IoE solutions in industries where Australia has...
NEW DELHI, INDIA March 18, 2015 : Cisco announced today that Yashtel, a division of Yashash Cable Network Pvt. Ltd., one of India's growing Telecom Internet Service Providers, has selected Cisco® DOCSIS-based Remote PHY technology to...
In congested cities, smart transport (connected vehicles and infrastructure) has great potential to reduce bottlenecks, cut carbon emissions, and save people a lot of time and stress. Street lights, pop-up bollards and other traffic control...
Hannover/Bonn/Munich, Germany, March 18, 2015 – At CeBIT, Deutsche Telekom has announced "HotSpot Plug‘n'Play", a comprehensive program to enable small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), including owners of cafes, hotels, or shops, to easily...
Hybrid Cloud Solution for all virtualized workloads Sovereign Cloud Solutions operated by Deutsche Telekom in German Data Centers Based on Open Standards to avoid Lock-In Effects Bonn/Munich/Hanover, Germany, March 18, 2015 ‑...
SAN JOSE Calif. and ORLANDO, Fla. – March 17, 2015 -- Today at Enterprise Connect 2015, Cisco announced that its new collaboration service is having a significant impact on how teams get work done. Employees across many industries are now...
SAN JOSE, Calif, --- March 17, 2015 --- Cisco will host a Tech Talk with Northland Securities to discuss Cisco’s comprehensive analytics strategy including the role it plays in the Internet of Everything. Mike Flannagan, Vice President and...
SAN JOSE – March 17, 2015 – Today, Cisco announced three significant enhancements to the Cisco® Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) portfolio, an open, elastic, and application-centric network infrastructure framework...
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Cisco has unveiled how the Internet of Everything (IoE) is actively shaping the future of today’s startup community, creating several billion pounds worth of growth opportunity. A new report issued today reveals that the IoE could generate...
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MADRID, March 16, 2015 – Today, Cisco announced it will be supporting the City Council of Madrid in the "Madrid Campus of Innovation" project. The campus is in a restored municipal area located in the district of Villaverde and will be...
WHAT: Today’s flexible, cloud and mobile driven businesses are clamoring for collaboration solutions that offer a “no compromises” experience in every room, on every desk, and in every pocket. In his keynote address on...
1.) The Growth of Concierge Medicine   Post by Cisco .   2.) Healthcare Goes Hollywood at SXSW Festival   Post by Cisco .   3.) IoT and Intelligent Transportation ...
CANCUN, MEXICO. − 12 March 2015 .‑ Hospital Galenia, the only private tertiary care hospital 1 in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo opened a Four Points Hotel in their premises, and has chosen Cisco® Unified Communications and...
SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 11, 2015 –Cisco today announced an extension of its cloud and data center relationship with Microsoft to include a new technology platform designed to accelerate service delivery and streamline the journey...
A working mother of three has recurrent sinus infections caused by seasonal allergies at the same time every year.  Squeezing in a visit to her doctor in between deadlines at her job and her children's extracurricular activities has...
Cutting-edge technology and inspirational filmmaking have long been hallmarks of the annual SXSW Interactive and Film Festivals in Austin, Texas. True to the spirit of the festivals, during this year's gathering, the world will get a...
GUADALAJARA, MEXICO – March 9, 2015— Cisco Systems Inc ("Cisco") and the Universidad of Guadalajara (UdG) renewed their partnership under the Cisco Networking Academy® Program as well as announced an expansion of the program within the UdG...
At 41 minutes after midnight, March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and headed to Beijing. About 40 minutes later the flight crew, now over the South China Sea, was told by air traffic controllers to "contact...
1.) The 3D Workforce: Mobile Millennials   Post by Cisco .   2.) The Story of Cisco Virtualized Managed Business Services   Post by Cisco .   3.) The Growing Reach of...
More information on the connected museum.
  More information: UCLA School of Nursing TRANSCRIPT My name is Qiana Sago. I'm studying criminal justice, because I want to be forensic science major. I was working at the LAX airport as a custodian. We did a...
SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 26, 2015 – Cisco today announced that Telefónica (Movistar), the largest mobile operator in Spain, has launched a new Innovation Initiative powered by Cisco® technology called “LTE In A...
SAN JOSE, March 4, 2015 – In the Internet of Everything (IoE), immense amounts of data are being generated daily from smartphones, sensors, video cameras and other connected devices. Extracting their value and transforming them into...
BARCELONA, Spain – March 3, 2015 – Today at Mobile World Congress, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom and Intel announced Challenge Up!, a joint Internet of Things (IoT) accelerator for startups from the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)...
BARCELONA, Spain – March 3, 2015 – At Mobile World Congress, Deutsche Telekom (DT) announced the launch of a Cloud VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service for small and medium businesses. The announcement builds on the longstanding...
BARCELONA, SPAIN – March 3, 2015 – At Mobile World Congress 2015 , Cisco today announced that EE, the UK’s largest mobile network operator, is deploying Cisco small cells to support its growing base of enterprise customers....
BARCELONA – March 3, 2015 – At Mobile World Congress 2015 , Telecom Italia and Cisco announced that Telecom Italia intends to deliver new Cisco-enabled managed business services, including Cisco Meraki, to organizations throughout Italy as part...
BARCELONA, Mobile World Congress 2015 – March 2, 2015 – Cisco today announced that AT&T, a leader in emerging devices and telematics services, will use its virtualized mobile Internet solution in helping to support AT&T's...
The traditional office workspace is being disrupted. New technology innovations are changing work values and creating new approaches to business. Millennials (18-29 years of age) represent the newest plugged-in generation to enter the workforce...
BARCELONA, March 2, 2015 – At Mobile World Congress 2015 this week, Cisco is advancing its position as the leading technology provider and business partner to help global mobile operators transform their networks, businesses and...
BARCELONA – March 2, 2015 — At Mobile World Congress 2015 today Cisco and Equinix, Inc. , the global interconnection and data center company , announced that Equinix has deployed the Cisco Tail-f Network Control System (NCS) as part of...
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and Jakarta, Indonesia – March 2, 2015 – XL Axiata, one of the largest cellular operators in Indonesia for consumer and machine-to-machine (M2M) services, has selected Cisco® Virtualized Packet...
BARCELONA, March 2, 2015 – Cisco today announced commercial availability of its Universal Small Cell (USC) 8000 Series designed for large enterprises and venues. This solution is the result of a strategic collaboration between Cisco and...
BARCELONA, March 2, 2015 – Today at Mobile World Congress, Telstra and Cisco announced their intention to extend their strategic collaboration by giving Telstra’s domestic and global business customers a unified, on-demand suite of...
BARCELONA – March 2, 2015 – At Mobile World Congress 2015 today, Cisco introduced Mobility IQ , a breakthrough mobility software as a service (SaaS) analytics solution that unlocks the power of visual network knowledge and drives unparalleled...
BANGKOK, Thailand, 02 March 2015 – Bangkok Airways, Thailand's privately owned regional airline has implemented Cisco® technology and solutions to help them optimize their business. Cisco Unified Computing System ™ (UCS) is a...
SAN JOSE, Calif, --- February 27, 2015 --- Cisco today announced that it will participate in the following event with the financial community during the month of March. The event will be webcast.  Interested parties can view this event on...
1.) Jimmy Kimmel Live Reimagines the Fan Experience with Cisco   Post by Cisco .   2.) How France is Embracing Digitization of Everything   Post by Cisco .   3.)...
MEXICO CITY, 25 February 2015.- Today Cisco inaugurated its Global Services Center (GSC) that hosts the Global Technical Center, Latin America Technical Assistance Center, and the Global Delivery Center. It will be supporting customers worldwide...
SAN JOSE, Calif, --- February 25, 2015 --- Cisco will host a Tech Talk with Oppenheimer to discuss Cisco's Service Provider strategy and how it is partnering with Service Providers to transform their businesses through innovation and delivering...
Leadership@Cisco  is a video series that introduces you to our leadership team.  Transcript: There's a lot of things that I'm passionate about and I would say the first is my family. Watching my kids become...
If you've seen the movie, you know the Enigma coding machine plays a key role in the Oscar winning   "The Imitation Game" , and gave us as much foresight into today's encryption and digital privacy age – as it did...
Happy Friday everyone! Hope it was a great week for you all. Here is a look at the top stories this week and see whats coming up next week.    1: Focus Monthly Magazine: Momentum in Mobility - 9 great stories about how...
NEW DELHI, INDIA, FEBRUARY 19, 2015: Videocon d2h, one of the fastest-growing Direct-to-Home (DTH) companies in India, has chosen the Cisco® AnyRes Live UHD Encoders to launch its 4K-enabled Ultra High Definition viewing experience. This is...
•    Banks Risk Losing Business to Customer Disconnect: 84 percent of Brazilian bank customers and 93 percent of Mexican bank customers would trust a non-traditional banking institution for banking products ...
  San Jose, Calif. – Feb. 18, 2015 – With more than one billion vehicles worldwide on the road triggering billions of hours of traffic congestion (including more than five billion hours of travel delay each year in the United States...
SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 18, 2015 – Cisco today announced the contribution of Basic ConfD, a free version of its powerful ConfD management agent software, to accelerate the adoption of programmability for the broader networking industry....
Miami, Fla., Cisco IoE and IoT Regional Media Forum – Feb. 18, 2015 – Cisco today announced the Cisco® Smart+Connected™ City Operations Center, a software solution that helps to simplify control room operations with a single pane of glass...
London, UK – February 18 th , 2015 – Cisco today reaffirmed its commitment to fostering innovation in the UK through the expansion of its centre for collaborative research and emerging technology, Cisco CREATE. Part of a global network of seven...
Business advisor and Internet entrepreneur Brad Szollose remembers the career-changing moment he became fascinated in the Millennial generation. He and his wife were headed out to dinner and trying to get their 17-year-old nephew, Sebastian, to...
SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 17, 2015 – Collaboration across organizations and ecosystems is a necessary and critical component for business success and innovation. To ensure organizations are able to harness the power of collaboration tools, Cisco is...
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By: Matt MacPherson The explosive growth of connected mobile devices is in no way slowing down, and neither are the network speeds users will demand to support these devices. In recent years, the conversation around mobility and the...
Undoubtedly, you've heard about the booming market for wearable tech. These devices, often worn on the wrist, can tell you anything from your heart rate to whether your dog is resting. (Your pooch would probably be sporting the gadget on its...
Beacons are tiny transmitters that offer the potential for richer, more useful and more interactive experiences in a variety of different venues, from travel and entertainment to transportation and healthcare. A number of companies have...
Consumers expect free Wi-Fi at libraries, airports, cafes, and even subway stations, but not many people expect to get online for free during store runs for toilet paper and mouthwash. But that’s about to change as more big-box and specialty...
1.) Cisco Innovators: Innovation Academy A new way of thinking: See Cisco’s #Innovation Academy live in action: — Cisco (@Cisco) February 12, 2015   2.)...
NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2015 – Cisco, Official Technology Partner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), will connect media and fans to NBA All-Star 2015 via its state of the art solutions, unveil the largest Cisco Networking Academy in...
NEW DELHI, INDIA, FEBRUARY 12 th , 2015 : Cisco today announced that Videocon d2h will deploy advanced video solutions from the Cisco Videoscape ™ product portfolio to enable it to deliver an innovative, high quality television viewing...
See the entire Cisco Innovators Series More Information on Cisco's Innovation Academy   Video transcript : Gianpaolo Barozzi :We believe innovation is everyone's job at Cisco. We have several initiatives related ...
SAN JOSE, CA - Feb 11, 2015 - Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) Q2 Revenue: $11.9 billion (increase of 7% year over year) Q2 Earnings per Share: $0.46 GAAP; $0.53 non-GAAP Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how...
Vicki Hanson is Professor of Inclusive Technologies at the University of Dundee , Distinguished Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technologies at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) , and Research Staff Member Emeritus...
Cisco has launched a contest searching for the NBA's "Most Connected Fan" that invites fans and followers to share how they stay connected to their favorite teams and players. From February 6th, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time until...
People have been turning to the Internet for news and entertainment for years. But as smartphone and tablet use has skyrocketed , so too has mobile video consumption. More viewers are choosing to access news and sporting events online in part...
SAN JOSE, Calif. –February 6, 2015– Cisco is extending its leadership in promoting open standards, interoperability and multi-vendor solutions for Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology. Cisco announced today that it is...
1.) How Mobile Apps are Helping the Public Sector   Post by Cisco .   2.) Big Results at the Biggest Events   Post by Cisco .   3.) Mobile Traffic from Wearables...
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TORONTO, February 4, 2015 – Cisco Canada, Premier Partner and Official Information and Communications Technology Provider for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, and the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games Organizing Committee (TO2015),...
San Diego, Calif. – DISTRIBUTECH – Feb. 4, 2015 – Cisco today announced new offerings aimed at expanding industrial use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT). The growing demand for IoT applications has caused infrastructure needs to evolve...
The positives that come with enhancing citizen access to government and environmental data are limitless. Not only does open data, or information that is freely available for everyone to use, activate public transparency and enable deeper citizen...
Imagine your smart phone could record every pothole you hit while you are in your car… and then get the authorities to fix it. This sounds like science fiction, but is exactly what the citizens of Boston, Massachusetts, can do thanks to a mobile...
1.) Leadership@Cisco: Karen Walker   Post by Cisco .     2.) Securing the Connected Home   Post by Cisco .     3.) Let's Build Tomorrow Today ...
For students and professors at Columbia University's computer science and engineering programs, the Internet of Everything (IoE) is everywhere. There are many courses in which students learn skills that, as it happens, are needed to create...
The Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) this month was swarmed by dozens of new products, from smart watches to a speaker-equipped robot for your home. The offerings are designed to provide consumers and companies endless information on their...
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Leadership@Cisco is a video series that introduces you to our leadership team.    Transcript So, I get my inspiration from my mum. My mum was actually disowned by her family when she married my dad, so she walked...
1.) Cisco Innovators: Emerging Technology Evangelist   Post by Cisco .   2.) Focus Magazine: Cybersecurity   Post by Cisco .   3.) Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report:...
Watch the entire Cisco Innovators Series See Also: Cisco's Amazing People: Ben Varghese Transcript: My name is Ben Varghese, and I'm an emerging technology consultant. I usually describe myself as a maker, hacker...
More Information: Security Case Study: Molina Healthcare
 Download the full Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report  
By Martin Roesch The evolving trends of mobility, cloud computing, and the Internet of Everything (IoE) present unparalleled opportunities for businesses, consumers, and hackers alike. Modern networks go beyond traditional walls and...
1.) How Smart Highways Can Save Energy and Lives   Post by Cisco .   2.) In Retail, Insight is Currency, and Context is King   Post by Cisco .   3.) Let’s Talk...
There’s a ritual that takes place on Wall Street every few months around earnings season, when companies announce how much in profits they’ve earned for the quarter.  Weeks before the announcement, company officials tell the Wall...
Silent, invisible… and vital. That just about sums up wireless networks as far as the Internet of Everything (IoE) is concerned. Because there is simply no way you could run wires to the 50 billion or so smart devices expected to make...
In the tech-infused landscape of today, the phrase "roads of tomorrow" doesn't just mean a glimpse into the future. It means in this Internet of Everything (IoE) world, smart sensor-filled highways are revolutionizing transportation....
1.) Software Development with the Continuous Delivery Model   Post by Cisco .   2.) Better Technology Will Bring More Secure Mobile Payments   Post by Cisco .   3.)...
Anyone who has been paying attention to the security of credit card purchases should be concerned.  Starting in 2007 a major clothing retailer holding company experienced  the theft of data from 45.6 million credit and debit cards. Since...
Written by Michelle Concannon In today's hyper-agile business world, software often correlates directly with revenue.  To address this, Development and Operations (DevOps) teams are charged with delivering software faster, more...
1. Leadership@Cisco - Rebecca Jacoby Rebecca Jacoby, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, talking about the dozens of concerts she has seen and what technology will enable us to do in the future.   2....
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1.) Tech Transformation: Celebrating Cisco at 30   Post by Cisco .   2.) Data and Analytics Drive Fan Engagement for a Norwegian Football Team   Post by Cisco .   3.)...
It's getting harder to go anywhere where there's not a mounted camera (even in people's homes). They're becoming so ubiquitous that shoppers hardly notice them …especially during the busy holidays. But businesses are...
See how the Norsk Toppfotball League is planning to create new fan experiences and sponsorship opportunities with Cisco Connected Analytics for Events.
1.) Kevin Ashton, Father of the Internet of Things & Network Trailblazer   Post by Cisco .   2.) How the Internet of Everything Cuts the Cost of Smart Cities   Post by Cisco . ...
Think about smart-city planning and your mind starts reeling. India alone is planning 100 new smart metropolises in the next decade. Besides bricks and mortar, these and hundreds of other cities worldwide are going to need massive amounts of IT...
Co-Authored by: Alison Maney It all started with lipstick. A particularly popular color of Oil of Olay lipstick that Kevin Ashton had been pushing as a brand manager at Procter & Gamble was perpetually out of stock. He decided to find...
1.) Just in time for holiday shopping: Sensors take smart toys into the 21st century   Post by Cisco .   2.) Before appliances reach your kitchen: real-time collaboration speeds design at Sub-Zero ...
More Info: Universal Wi-Fi for Service Providers
While touring a warehouse in New Jersey earlier this year, Haytham Elhawary had the opportunity to see just how demanding--and potentially dangerous--was the job of workers loading and unloading heavy boxes for hours at a time. "They're...
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Chatty Cathy, Speak and Spell, Teddy Ruxpin—sound familiar? They were all smart toys, or toys with the ability to learn through their own on-board electronics, of previous decades. Modern smart toys are entering the 21st Century through...
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Chuck Robbins, Cisco's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, talks about what inspires him at work and who he turns to for a fresh perspective. Learn more about his leadership style and what makes him laugh.   ...
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Text on Screen: There is something special that happens when people… Come together… And share… Their passion. Susie Wee: DevNet is Cisco's developer program to build up Cisco's developer ecosystem. What...
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Transcript: Landon Curt Noll: Espresso Central is a magical place where espresso is made and executives and key people meet for coffee. So our interns, in addition to performing high computing research, also help support the espresso...
Learn more about the Internet of Everything .
Learn more about The Internet of Everything
Learn more about the Internet of Everything .
Access the full Cisco Midyear Security Report here .
Learn more here .
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During the past year, Cisco volunteers in India have accumulated 10,000 volunteer hours, generating US$100,000 in matched cash grants to non-governmental organization partners. Click here for more information on Cisco's scalable and...
Prime Infrastructure brings best of breed management for wireless (NCS) and wired (LMS) lifecycle management coupled with assurance all under a single-pane-of-glass. In this clip from episode 121, Mark Emmerson updates us with the latest. Attend a workshop to learn more:
Intrusion prevention in the data center continues to grow in importance. In this clip from episode 120, Anil Kapur joins TechWiseTV to review new IPS capabilities for contextual awareness across the entire network with a suite of both dedicated and integrated form factors. Attend a workshop to learn more:
Learn more about working together with Cisco at the center.
In this clip from episode 119, Robb and Jimmy Ray wrap up the Next Generation Internet story with an important review of deployment techniques and best practices. Attend a workshop to learn more:
The second annual Cisco Global Cloud Index forecasts that global data center traffic will grow 4-fold and reach a total of 6.6 zettabytes annually by 2016.
The user demands at the National Political Conventions this election season were unlike any in years past. With more video, more social, more data passing between devices and people, the infrastructure had to be reliable, flexible and secure. We talked with the leaders behind the conventions and asked them what they need most at events like these to do their jobs successfully.
Adam Groudan takes Jimmy Ray Purser for a hands-on tour, behind the scenes of the Smart Business Architecture Labs. See first hand how their designs are tested before being turned into these popular guides.
“All People Seem To Need Data Processing” is likely one of the first networking mnemonics you memorized. The OSI 7 layer model is a favorite of test writers for sure. Is there more to this than memorization? How can you turn this structure into something you can actually use in your day-to-day practice of networking and make it work? Join us and find out.
Get an overview of Cisco Session Management. Learn how it lowers costs by using SIP trunking to interconnect networks, reduces complexity by aggregating third-party PBX systems, and extends collaboration applications to users across the networkFind out how Cisco Session Management provides investment protection, an intelligent path to SIP trunking, and the flexibility to evolve your network.
Mmmmm....cookies! Everybody loves 'um except when you receive them though a browser. Heck, if you read some material you'd think that Internet Cookies are one of the biggest security threats on your network. OK, OK, chill out! Cookies are really our friends and they help us make the web more personal. But how right? Before you hit the panic button, join us and watch how we disassemble cookies in real time to show what's in them and how they really work.
Cisco developed a new tool that can model a Carrier Ethernet network, including all the costs that go into making that network operational and the revenues it can bring to the operator.
One of the most beneficial and rapid growth areas for today’s WAN is in Machine to Machine communication. This is that increasingly fascinating arena where multi-media capabilities are enhancing logistics for trucking companies, safety and services for ATM machines or remote patient services for healthcare providers, to name a few. In this segment, we welcome Manu Parbhakar from Cisco.
Challenges abound for storage administrators trying to evolve multiple isolated SAN islands into an enterprise-wide fabric. Not all vendors follow Fibre Channel switch standards. Chief Geek Jimmy Ray Purser has the game plan for dealing with this situation as he covers MDS Interoperability modes, what features may be impacted and pointers for safe implementation.
In this mobility driven virtualized reality we live in, location and identity must separate. Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) provides this freedom. Sing along and share this ode to LISP and School House Rock. Attend a workshop to learn more:
How the telecom network drives socioeconomic change, the final episode in The Network Effect documentary.
Auto negotiation enables devices to automatically exchange information over a link about speed and duplex abilities. When it doesn’t work, you need to resolve the problem quickly. Jimmy Ray Purser provides a few tips about how autonegotiation works and what to look for when you get the dreaded “my connection is slow” call.
Cisco engineers in Oslo, Norway share their ideas in an expo designed to showcase creativity.
A look at how one school district is transforming teaching and learning by letting students bring their own devices to class.
In honor of Shark Week, we give you a peek at how one aquarium is using social media to teach people about marine life.
The new Cisco Prime Security Manager redefines the relationship between management and the innovative contextual firewall platforms. Robb Boyd welcomes special guest Danny Anello to demonstrate exactly how this is done.
Learn more about Cisco Borderless Networks and check out how Cisco helped millions see all the action during the Summer Games.
New Cisco AppNav virtualization technology provides network-integrated WAN optimization that allows for elastic pooling of resources. Watch this TechWiseTV Fundamentals to learn how this can be both policy based and on demand. Don't let dynamic applications ruin your ability to deliver the flexibility and scalability user demand. More from the Fundamentals series at:
Cisco helps NBC push the boundaries of sports coverage at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.
Before you connect your first ports, you need to understand STP. Learn how the protocol prevents loops from being formed when switches or bridges are interconnected via multiple paths. Join TechWiseTV’s Jimmy Ray Purser as he introduces this dynamic Layer 2 protocol.
See how secure separation between data center tenants and applications can be achieved with Cisco's Virtual Security Gateway and the ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall.
A conversation with Lew Tucker the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Computing Cisco.
Find out how Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) delivers the scalability required for multi-tenancy isolation in the cloud. See why this joint effort from Cisco, VMWare, Citrix, and Red Hat is fast becoming the first choice of engineers around the world. Host Robb Boyd guides you through the technical differences that make VXLAN a smarter, more scalable choice in your enterprise than the traditional VLAN.
A network in itself for water, road and rail, Hamburg Port Authority standardized four separate infrastructures by building on a comprehensive intelligent network from Cisco. See how Cisco technologies are helping the Port of Hamburg double its capacity without adding space by 2025.
Learn more about the future of cloud computing -- The world is changing at network speed and an intelligent network enables innovation, growth, and customer experience.
Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) provides holistic and comprehensive life cycle management for data LAN and SAN environments. It features a single pane of glass visibility via interactive dashboards that simplifies operations. See this video to learn about why this is a must in today's physical and virtual data centers.
The World Economic Forum estimates that a 10 percent increase in mobile penetration in developing economies can raise the GDP as much as much as 2 percent. In Episode 5 of The Network Effect, Steve Shepard shares a story about how this promise is being fulfilled in Durban, South Africa. The Network Effect is a documentary about the telecom network’s socioeconomic impact, produced by Cisco’s SP Marketing team, will premier on ShortsTV on July 7th, 5pm and 8pm Pacific Time, and will be rebroadcast throughout the month as part of the “Summer of Docs” series. (see schedule:
With organizations transitioning to Cloud, SaaS, and VXI, never before has the network been so critical to the success of a business. Cisco Cloud Connected Solution, the foundation of Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network, enables organizations to connect users to the cloud with confidence. Learn about these new solutions and more in this video.
CSN Stores utilized Presidio's and Cisco's technology to make their business successful.
Campus network slicing using Cisco 's SDN Controller
The Network Effect documentary series, episode 4, discusses how cloud computing helps to change the world of education.
Cisco WebEx Social (formerly known as Cisco Quad) brings social collaboration to mobile devices, email and productivity applications. Cisco's Melody Kee and Sina Miri discuss new capabilities including enhancements to the iPhone and iPad clients, bi-directional email support for notification, creation and updating of posts from email, Microsoft Office integration for co-authoring by team members, and the ability to escalate to a HD video call from within WebEx Social. Learn more:
When engineers set out to build the largest machine in the world, did they design the network’s capacity based on traditional product specifications, or was it driven by their mothers’ guilt?
Dr. Steven Sheppard discusses pioneers of the telecom network, including the transatlantic cable in 1858.
The benefits of hosted cloud services can now be extended to the enterprise WAN . The CSR 1000v is a software router deployed as a virtual machine in a provider-hosted cloud. Serving as a router per tenant each with its own routing instance and thus its own VPN connections, firewall policies, QoS rules, access control and more. Watch Fundamentals of the Cisco Cloud Services Router for an entertaining look at this cloud intelligent technology.
Meet Molly. She is a bright, 12 year-old-girl living in the Mathare slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Watch how she uses the power of video to share her story with thousands.
The Cisco Business Edition 6000 delivers the superior performance, system redundancy, and broad application integration you need. Well suited for businesses with 100 to 1000 employees, it's an ideal choice when migrating from analog, digital, or hybrid-PBX phone systems. Watch this Fundamentals episode from TechWiseTV to learn just what makes this system different.
Companies around the world come together to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services.
Dr. Steven Shepard covers how Almon Strowger, an undertaker, invented the switch and a family in Africa who skips meals in order to pay for the Internet.
Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is a system designed to guarantee the authenticity of data obtained from the domain name system (DNS). Let's dig into the basics and see how it works and take a look at why DNSSEC deployment not growing as fast as we would like.
At Cisco's annual Internal Networkers event, engineers from across the company and around the world came together - in person and virtually - to share ideas and learn from each other. Topics such as big data, cloud, SDN, mobility…you name it…it was all abuzz at this event. It was like watching a brainstorm in real time. Location: San Jose, CA – Cisco Campus. Event: Cisco Internal Networkers 2012
Domain Name Service (DNS) is what makes the Internet easy. It's how we can connect to anywhere in the world. How does it know how to do this. DNS can be a complicated topic but understanding the basics does have to be.
Ever wonder just how tough a router can be? This router goes from sub-zero to submerged and comes out fully operational. You won’t want to miss this demo.
Bank of Montreal (BMO) launched a "remote expert" service to ensure that all of its customers have access to relevant expertise, no matter where they are.
The TX9000 Series is the new benchmark for TelePresence, featuring state-of-the art industrial design to maximize video immersion. TechWiseTV host Robb Boyd welcomes special guest Mike Walker to walk through what makes this so special.
Engineering for TelePresence on the network means you likely need to be familiar with the tools needed for the job. In this clip from episode 114, Chief Geek Jimmy Ray Purser digs into the details of the power behind Performance Routing with configuration samples, traffic classes, policy control and verification of your optimization.