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Kerry Doyle

Kerry Doyle


Kerry Doyle has covered business and technology issues for over a decade, first as a technician at the fabled PCWeek Labs and a reporter for PCWeek magazine, then as senior editor at He has contributed content to organizations as diverse as IDG/ComputerWorld, Monitor Group, Harvard Business School, and Global Knowledge. As a freelance journalist, he provides cogent analyses of the newest trends in technology, from nanotech to the cloud, with a focus on issues relevant to both enterprise leaders and SMB owners. 

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Kerry Doyle's Contributions

The 3D Workforce: Mobile Millennials
03/02/2015 The modern workforce is shifting to a more egalitarian style of work, partly due to mobility. The changes are creating the 3D workforce: distributed, discontinuous and decentralized. This article explores the trend its current impact & future consequences for every level of business.
The Growing Reach of Beacons: Are Users Ready?
02/16/2015 Beacon technology has the potential to offer smart phone users a more interactive experience in a growing number of venues.
New Human-Machine Interfaces: Beyond Verbal Communication
10/20/2014 Recent developments in wearable technology offer fitness and health data along with new levels of computing interactivity. But current innovations in human-machine interfaces promise even more seamless integration of perceptual computing.
How Business Relies On Smart Systems
08/06/2014 See how the Internet of Everything era is helping companies improve quality, increase workforce collaboration and achieve new levels of customer interaction and influence.
Will The Smartphone Become Obsolete?
06/16/2014 A look at how cloud technology may change the future of mobile handsets.
Mobility & The Energy Sector: Radicalizing Field Service
06/09/2014 Electric utilities are modernizing the electric grid to meet the demands of an increasingly digital society. In the same way, mobile solutions are helping field service personnel respond to catastrophic storm events in ways that were unforeseen a few short years ago.
The Mobile Edge: Securing BYOD
07/29/2013 There's a reason why the current BYOD explosion makes CIOs and IT nervous. Lost smart phone? Compromised corporate data? Malware? The newest trend is to secure smart devices with clearly defined divisions between work and play. We examined the latest offerings designed for a seamless transition.
Manufacturing Snapshot: Does Social Media Matter?
05/19/2013 Is the use of social media tools in manufacturing the wave of the future, or simply a pursuit with diminishing returns? We examine why increasing numbers of manufacturers are looking more closely at the use of social media.
Big Data Analytics: You Have The Right To Remain Private. Or Do You?
04/14/2013 To stay competitive, retailers use Predictive Analytics to slice and dice Big Data so they'll know their customers' next move. The goal is to give shoppers more of what they want. Or is it?
Video Conferencing Offers Insight To E-Health
03/18/2013 Adoption rates for video conferencing are set to explode due to inexpensive easy access, offering new possibilities for healthcare delivery and treatment.
SoLoMo - Why It Matters and What You Should Know
08/19/2012 Ingenious apps, advanced social media and more powerful mobile devices are poised to transform every aspect of commerce in our daily lives—how we shop, how merchants sell and how advertisers market goods.
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