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John Earnhardt

John Earnhardt

John Earnhardt manages the social media team responsible for Cisco's award-winning The Network news site and other corporate communications channels such as The Platform blog and Facebook page, Twitter @CiscoSystems (2010 B2B Twitterer of the Year), LinkedIn, Ustream and Flickr site. He also manages the PR team's media strategy, corporate op-ed program, broadcast media strategy and executive media training. He is also the "blogger-in-chief" and "tweeter-in-chief" for the company. Follow on Twitter @urnhart. John was a finalist for PRWeek's "PR Professional of the Year" Award for 2009.

Previously, he managed policy communications in Cisco's Global Policy and Government Affairs department where he was responsible for using communications channels to advance Cisco's state, federal and global public policy objectives. This is where he started the first blog for Cisco in 2005.

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