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Elizabeth Corcoran

Elizabeth Corcoran

Elizabeth Corcoran is a long-time technology journalist who has written for Scientific American, Forbes and The Washington Post. At Forbes, she wrote cover stories about subjects ranging from robotics to solar power. Online, she helped make one of the most widely read business news sites in the world.

Elizabeth recently founded, which is working on ways to help teachers share best practices for using technology in schools. Elizabeth blogs at O'Reilly Radar and at Lucere. You can also follow her on Twitter at @betsy.

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Elizabeth Corcoran's Contributions

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08/25/2013 Key questions for educators turning to technology.
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06/13/2011 Network Trailblazers is a new series that highlights the creators and visionaries of the Internet network.
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01/10/2011 MIT's Konbit program hopes to help Haitians find local jobs
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10/25/2010 A novel program called "Scratch" is inspiring kids to learn
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