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Laurence Cruz

Laurence Cruz

Laurence Cruz is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. A UK transplant, he has worked as a reporter with The Associated Press in Seattle and as an environmental reporter for The Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon. He has a BA in English from Oxford and an MA in Communications from Washington State University.

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Cisco and NASDAQ: 25 Years of Transforming an Industry
05/20/2015 A ceremony at the NASDAQ stock exchange features a familiar face, Kelly Kramer, Cisco's CFO.
Chief Disruption Officer: The New Role
05/14/2015 With the Internet of Things train leaving the station, a key to staying relevant could be a new "C" in the C-suite.
Internet of Things' Future Looks Foggy
04/02/2015 With a tidal wave of data looming, fog computing takes a load off the cloud.
Generation Cloud: How Online Gaming is Shaping New Tech Leaders
02/17/2015 Raised on a steady diet of video games, Millennials approach work and technology in radically different ways from their baby boomer counterparts
World's Biggest ID Scheme Rollout
11/24/2014 India's massive, cutting-edge biometric system, aka UIDAI, is helping to bring India's poor out of the technological dark ages.
Kairos Global Summit Brings Together Young Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders
11/06/2014 Cisco aims to cultivate top talent and accelerate innovation in Internet of Things and other areas of strategic importance through engagement with startups.
Ebola Crisis: Digital Disease Detection Systems Join the Fight
10/28/2014 From web application hybrids to computer models that tap cell phone and flight records, researchers are bringing a wealth of new digital tools to the battle against Ebola.
London Underground Turns to Internet of Things to Increase Efficiency
08/11/2014 Data from sensors in the aging transport system could boost operational efficiency by 30 percent over three years.
Fiber Networks: A Catalyst for Next-Generation Apps and Services?
07/14/2014 Networks of the future may usher in bandwidth-intensive apps that can boost innovation, entrepreneurship and quality of life.
Cloud Set to Burst in India
06/16/2014 With its low barriers to entry and ability to handle large numbers of customers, cloud computing is enticing many of the country's 50 million startups and small businesses.
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