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Laurence Cruz

Laurence Cruz

Laurence Cruz is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. A UK transplant, he has worked as a reporter with The Associated Press in Seattle and as an environmental reporter for The Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon. He has a BA in English from Oxford and an MA in Communications from Washington State University.

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After Fukushima: Crowd-Sourcing Initiative Sets Radiation Data Free
03/04/2014 Internet entrepreneurs have created a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments.
Could "Her" Happen to You?
02/10/2014 We take a look at what the ultimate virtual assistant might look like in the future, and how close a new movie is coming to reality.
Digitizing Disaster: Red Cross Taps Online Mapmakers to Help the Philippines
12/02/2013 In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, a massive open source mapping effort is helping relief workers on the ground.
Rio's Tech-Savvy Millennials Glimpse a Brighter Future
11/17/2013 A look at how digital technologies are connecting and empowering the next generation of Brazilians.
Beyond the Touchscreen: The Human Body as User Interface
10/20/2013 A look at how researchers are testing "imaginary interfaces" as an alternative to the usual mode of mobile-device interaction.
Mobile Internet Tops 12 Most Disruptive Technologies
09/02/2013 A look at the top technologies identified as most likely to change life and business in the next decade.
Rio Goes Digital With Knowledge Squares
07/09/2013 A look at how Rio de Janeiro is creating a legacy of digital inclusion.
The "Mobile-First" Boom
06/11/2013 Is 2013 the tipping point for mobile-first app design?
Coming, Ready or Not: Cell Phones as Sensors
04/10/2013 A look at how one city is using cell phones as sensors to keep tabs on everything from traffic to crime, and why some government leaders say this is the wave of the future.
Securing the Internet of Things
03/24/2013 A look at what the Internet of Things is making possible, and the security concerns that have some experts on guard.
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