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Jason Deign

Jason Deign

Jason Deign is a Barcelona-based business writer, journalist and author. Besides writing, he is regularly interviewed by the media and has been featured in the UK's Daily Mail and The Guardian, among others.

Notable achievements include coining the term 'Easyjet generation' in 2003 and being the first UK journalist to document the rise of identity theft in 2001. Jason has worked with Cisco since 2000 and became a global contributor to The Network in 2003.

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How the Internet of Things is Keeping Trains on Track
03/31/2014 Despite 200 years of development, train accidents are still a cause for concern in the rail industry, but now sensor technologies are helping make things safer.
Top Technology Trends at Mobile World Congress
02/25/2014 The growing importance of mobility in society means that each year the mobile industry's top show achieves greater prominence in the business calendar.
Step into the Museum of the Future, Today
02/19/2014 The Cleveland Museum of Art is showing how visitors will interact with galleries and museums in the upcoming world of the Internet of Everything.
Emerging Economies: Crime and the Smart City Solution
01/29/2014 A major factor propelling the adoption of the Internet of Everything in emerging markets could be the need to discourage criminals.
What Might it Take to Be a Chief Security Officer in 2014?
01/06/2014 The changing nature of corporate networks is morphing the way companies need to consider IT threats, and re-writing the role of the chief security officer.
How Digital Technology Can Keep the Past Alive
12/03/2013 The amount of information captured by the Internet of Everything is so great it could allow us to recreate in detail events, trends, and even lives.
Mobile Tech and the Fear of Missing Out
10/14/2013 Twitchy because you haven't checked Facebook in a while? Then you could be in Fear of Missing Out, and that smartphone in your pocket isn't helping.
Mobile Transformation: What could 4G do to Africa?
09/16/2013 Fourth-generation technology is changing the mobile industry. So what will it do in Africa, which has already itself been transformed by mobile?
Why Mobile Ticketing is Just the Ticket
07/15/2013 The paper ticket is fast becoming a thing of the past as travel firms, entertainment companies, and others switch to mobile ticketing.
The Rise of Multi-Platform Viewing
06/25/2013 As the number and variety of video screens grows around us, so does the need for content aimed at different devices rather than repurposed to fit all of them.
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