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Sue Tabbitt

Sue Tabbitt

Sue Tabbitt is a freelance a journalist and editor, based in the UK, where she has been covering the IT, telecoms and general business markets for over 20 years.

Sue is a former managing editor of the highly respected IT reseller monthly, The VAR magazine (later rebranded Channel 200x magazine), published by Dennis Publishing and subsequently Reed Business Information. Prior to this role, she spent a formative two years as a reporter on a daily international IT trade newsletter, Computergram International, then published by APT Data Services. The title was later repackaged as Computerwire.

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Sue Tabbitt's Contributions

Transportation Technology Eases the Commute
03/18/2015 Whether it's frustrated commuters stuck in a jam or electric vehicle owners looking for somewhere to eat while they charge their car, the Internet of Everything has something to transform the commuter's experience and keep the wheels turning.
Mobile and Social Shifts Grow Sharing Opportunity
09/03/2014 The Sharing Economy has captured entrepreneurs' imagination in the UK, giving rise to a plethora of problem-solving and money-saving solutions.
Travel by Numbers
08/18/2014 Sophisticated mathematical algorithms are transforming the way consumers choose and use vacations – by allowing travel promoters to tap into the social pulse and subtler consumer preferences, and serve up increasingly personalized recommendations.
Innovation in the UK – Funding Products to Encourage the Next Generation of Digital Creators
05/06/2014 Crowdfunding's latest success stories in the UK include technology innovations that aim to give IT skills to children as young as four.
Smell the Coffee with the Next Wave of the Internet
04/07/2014 Will touch, smell and taste be part of the Internet of Everything experience? The ‘pervasive computing' department of a UK university recently launched a mobile app capable of transmitting aromas remotely, paving the way for a new era of multi-sensory digital communications.
Portable Power: Innovation in Mobile Battery Life
03/10/2014 A look at UK innovations in the race to stretch mobile device durability.
UK Mobile Innovators Set for Global Take-off
02/11/2014 UK mobile innovators will converge on Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain where the hottest contender will be named the UK's Most Innovative Mobile Company.
Startups in the UK Unlock New Opportunities with 4G
12/09/2013 A look at how British entrepreneurs are using early 4G services to drive business growth.
Better Connected: Powering the Future
10/14/2013 What is going to power the tens of billions of devices that will be hooked up and talking to each other by 2020? And, does it automatically follow that the communications will take place over the public digital highway? In a laboratory in Cambridge, UK, scientists and engineers have been working up some answers.
Channeling Innovation – The 21st Century Way
08/05/2013 Customer preferences change so quickly now that British companies have taken to social collaboration to capture fresh ideas.
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