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Kirsten Chiala

Kirsten Chiala

Kirsten Chiala is a contributing writer and content producer for The Network, Cisco's technology news site. Prior to Cisco, Kirsten was an Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist, and worked at local news affiliates in Colorado, Florida and California, including serving as executive producer for the San Francisco Bay Area's NBC station, where she managed on-air content for daily news, and a team of reporters, producers and assignment desk editors.

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Girls Power Tech-Inspiring the Next Generation
04/23/2015 More than a thousand Cisco mentors share advice on STEM careers as part of Girls in ICT day.
Quiz! Test Your Knowledge about Tech Trends in India
05/18/2014 In India, 26.5 million new devices and connections were added to the mobile network in 2013 alone. Find out what else sets this South Asian country apart when it comes to technology and mobile trends.
Cyber Security: Test your Knowledge
01/21/2014 Cyber security threats are growing more sophisticated, and IT departments are scrambling to guard against attacks in a constantly shifting landscape. How much do you know about the top cyber concerns? Click the image below to take our quiz and get insight on the answers from Bret Hartman, Chief Technology Officer for Cisco's Security Business Group.
Tragedy and Technology Bring People Together
11/14/2013 A personal look at one woman's connection to the Philippines disaster.
Goodbye Checkbook, Hello Tablet: Fundraising Goes Mobile
09/18/2013 A look at how tablets and smartphones are replacing checkbooks and clipboards.
Network Trailblazer: A Conversation With "Day in the Life" Photographer Rick Smolan
05/28/2013 Rick Smolan talks about his role in documenting the evolution of the network, and about how big data is changing our lives.
Productive and Profitable: Taking the Telework Pledge
03/04/2013 A look at how companies and employees are benefitting from the Telework Movement.
Mobile Apps Cater to Our Connected World
02/10/2013 The future of mobile is faster and easier access to entertainment, shopping, and socializing.
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