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Cisco Innovators: The Augmented Collaboration Experience

Susie Wee is VP & CTO of Networked Experiences at Cisco. She is a technologist by training but is passionate about design and user experience when it comes to building the ultimate collaboration tool.

Karen Crocker Snell
June 18 , 2014

Transcript (ENGLISH)

Susie Wee: I started with a technology background, I know lots of hardcore geeks, I have my PhD from MIT.

Graphics on Screen: Meet Susie Wee. She knows a lot about technology.

Susie Wee: I've worked with lots of great innovators in different areas

Graphics on Screen:  But she also knows..

Susie Wee: No matter how hardcore you are on your technology, if you pay attention to the user experience, and really try to solve a problem and think experience first, then your technology innovations actually have so much more impact.

Graphics on Screen: Susie and her team are working on a collaboration project experience like none other. 

Susie Wee: We felt that Cisco did great at web conferencing with WebEx, great at unified communication, and video conferencing with TelePresence.

But the thing that was next was to take that video and add on an ability to do interactive content collaboration. What I love about this area is that there's a real user need

and then we have a user experience design that solves that real problem.

Graphics on Screen: Design drives the Augmented Collaboration Experience, making the virtual appear actual.

Susie Wee: When you're together in real life at a whiteboard, you're working next to each other, you're looking at the board, so you're doing shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration.

When people come in, I don't think they feel like they're in a technology innovation. I think they feel like they're in an experience, and really that's what we want to achieve.

Graphics on Screen: Susie believes behind every innovation is a lot of hard work and plenty of fun.

Susie Wee: When you're doing innovations, you're finding new ways for people to work, you're finding new ways for people to solve problems, you're finding new business opportunities, and so on. So naturally there's going to be a lot of resistance and it's going to be very challenging, and it requires a lot of work, but it's fun.

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