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VIDEO SERIES: Week in Review and Look Ahead

The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: Sept. 23-27

Get a video tour of The Network's new issue of Focus: Connected Canada, and see what else we featured this week.

September 26 , 2013

1.) Focus: Connected Canada

Check out the second issue of our monthly thematic magazine Focus. This time we're taking a look at technology trends in Canada. We explore why the country has such a high mobile adoption rate, take you on tour of "Silicon Valley North," and introduce you to some extraordinary students making their mark in the world of STEM education.

2.) Get the Power to Meet the Demands of Everything

Hear about the big announcement this week from Cisco, which is releasing a Network Convergence System to power The "Internet of Everything."

3.) Investing for Impact in Ontario

Find out about the new venture in Canada linking socially-minded investors and social enterprises in need of capital.

4.) Connected Hollywood North

As the movie industry moves away from film in favor of digital acquisition, Cisco helps Vancouver's Bridge Studios manage terabytes of data and connect crew members in the next room and the next country.

Coming up Next Week:

  • A World of Possibilities

A look at what makes the culture at Cisco different, and how the company encourages career growth and collaboration.

Have a great weekend!



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