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Cisco Innovators: Identity Services Engine

Meet the team leads behind one of Cisco's premiere security platforms. Learn how they are working to make the network more agile and secure.

July 23 , 2013

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My name is Rajesh Raman.  I'm Engineering Director with the Secure Access and Mobility Product Group. 

My name is Mehdi Bouzouina and I'm a Senior Technical Leader at Cisco.

I'm Pok Long and I'm the Senior Technical Leader with the Secure Access and the Mobility Group.

GFX: Together, they worked to develop the security software Identity Services Engine (ISE)

ISE is an identity-based context aware security system, which allows policy-based access to the network.

ISE is trying to solve a very complex problem in a very simple, elegant, and yet powerful way. 

GFX: Since 1999, Cisco has recognized outstanding innovation with the Pioneer Award. Rajesh, Pok, Medhi and the ISE team were among the 2012 award recipients.

The reason I believe it was selected is it solves a natural real life problem. It's not just about bits it's also about helping people get their job done better.

Customers love ISE because it is solving a real problem that they are facing today.

They say, "We would like this feature." In a very short-time turn around. We give them a patch that delivered what they want.

Some of the technology that we have used, some of the approach to a well-known problem that we have taken, those are radically different and bold.

I love working on ISE because we have people all over the world that I work with, engineers in India, in Israel, and the UK, Boxboro in San Jose, and everybody's enthusiastic and excited about working on ISE, and it transpires throughout the whole team. 

The passion to solve real problems is very encouraging and very motivating. 

GFX: Innovation is Happening at Cisco

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