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Cisco Innovators: Theme Investments

Take a peek inside the next evolution of the Cisco Investments platform. "Theme Investments" accelerate the development of disruptive technology markets, including The Internet of Things and Big Data and Analytics. Meet some of the key players on the leading edge of technology.

Kirsten Chiala
July 29 , 2014

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Rob Salvagno: Cisco investments is the strategic investment arm of Cisco. We innovate through multiple different ways. Build buy and partner, is a strategy that we've had in innovation that I think makes us unique, investments is one component of that.

Hilton Romanski:The theme investments are really meant to be able to bring us into new markets.

They allow us to be able to see some of the big problems customers are beginning to identify or opportunities they think might be important for them to have access to.

A good example of that within our theme based Investments are things like IoT, advanced storage is another good example, our connected mobility theme, silicon, big data and analytics. These are all areas that are relatively early in their infancy and I think we have an opportunity as a company to be able to have much more impact on some of these themes.

Dom Guinard: We’re actually implementing what we called the web of things, it's connecting all kinds of products either consumer goods to the Internet and then to the web, basically giving them an API so we can build consumer experience on the products through our API.

So imagine this would be a streetlamp and we’re actually showing how we connect it to the everything platform and were actually putting some sensors in the lamp. We have pollution temperature and electricity, lights, and this is actually communicating with Cisco iOS gateway.

Patrick Brunett: Cohda has developed the 802.11 p radio, which is a Wi-Fi radio. So these cars will be able to communicate with one another and tell them their position, their speed, their heading.

That's part of that whole Internet of Things, traffic management information centers can use this information to improve traffic flow.

Sean Keenan: There are all these devices that are just generating massive amounts of data on a daily basis and

we're one of the first to market applications that can actually harness that data and provide value back to the business customer analytics web analytics.

Hilton: We view our value add in some of these new areas and these new themes as really being able to help define the marketplace and create the conditions by which the market can be accelerated.

Ravi Belani: It's so fantastic and significant to have Cisco as a backer for the accelerator. One, because Cisco provides resources that beyond just the capital that are very significant to our companies,resources in terms of having technology partnerships, and also on the IOT side being able to help with supply-chain relationships and getting access to significant customers and also internally within Cisco there are so many experts.

Hilton: As an investor, we want to figure out ways of helping companies and entrepreneurs who at the cutting edge of that innovation become even more successful and bring their ideas to marketplace.

Dom: When key players like Cisco get into the funding of Internet of things project that's when it becomes really interesting.

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