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VIDEO SERIES: Leadership@Cisco

Leadership@Cisco: Rowan Trollope

Joie Healy
June 30 , 2014

Cisco Senior VP of Collaboration Technology talks about his passions in life. Some of which you might not expect from a senior executive, find out what they are and also what he thinks technology will enable us to do in the coming years.


Leadership@Cisco is a video series that introduces you to our leadership team at Cisco.



I'm passionate about my family, I have been married to my wife for 23 years, and I've got three kids, so I'm passionate about them. I'm passionate about mountaineering, And Alpine climbing, extreme sports. Anything that is hard and painful, somehow I get a kick out of it.

(( text – 3 characteristics that make a good leader ))

The characteristics I look for in leaders, number one is passion, I love people who are passionate about what they do, I like people who love-hey were in technology-I like people who love technology. they eat sleep breathe  technology. Second thing is humanity and character, I want someone who is a real person, who is down to earth, who has different interests outside of the workplace. The last thing is, I just want good people…. for me I want people who are always going to do the right thing when no one's looking

I'm most proud of my teams. as a leader you're a reflection of your teams, how well they get along, what it's like to work in your organization, do people enjoy themselves? So the best reflection and the thing I'm always most proud of is the people who I've mentored  and led and coached in my organizations in the workplace environment, all those things both in my previous company and now here at Cisco, im really proud of what I've been able to create in terms of The environment and the culture for my folks.

((text : what will technology allow us to do in 5 -10 years))

Things like automated driverless cars, you know I live in San Francisco, there's a big housing issue in San Francisco, think about when driverless cars meet Uber, and all of a sudden people no longer have to drive cars or they can ride bicycles you can reclaim all that road space parking, And garages and use that offer housing, it's not only going to clean up the environment, It's also going to make our cities much more enjoyable places to live.

((text : something that may surprise people))

I'm an oil painter, my wife and I own an art gallery in Los Angeles, I used to race motorcycles. I used to be a break dancer on the streets of Hollywood, ((laughs))

((text: what was a turning point in your life?))

One of the turning points in my life was definitely I had a near death experience climbing in the mountains 245 It changed the way I live my life actually, because once you, once you've experienced nearly dying, all of the other risks seem trivial by comparison, so when I came back to my work life and my personal life, everything else was just so small compared to that.


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