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Connecting India: Bangalore Entrepreneurs Seize Mobile Opportunity

For many startup entrepreneurs in talent-rich Bangalore, India's 900 million mobile subscribers make an irresistible target.

Laurence Cruz
May 18 , 2014

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Transcript: My name is Tushar Vashisht. I'm the co-founder and CEO of HealthifyMe, which is a Bangalore-based startup in India.

The startup climate in Bangalore is extremely hot right now.

There are many great startups that are mushrooming in Bangalore right now and what's even more exciting is that there are many more people who are moving from the U.S. back to Bangalore. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Something quite alarming happened to me as I moved back to India. I gained about 30 pounds of weight, because of the Indian food that I was consuming, and the fact that I was hardly exercising.

I jumped into a one-month long self-study experiment called Rupees 100 a Day Project.

So I spent about a month living on a 100 rupees a day, which is really about a little short of $2 a day.

And we did that for a month and came up with some really great insights about what it means to be an Indian.

Adequate nutrition is very difficult to achieve below 100 rupees a day. Protein is very expensive.

HealthifyMe makes healthy living really easy and affordable in a way that's never been done before.

We allow you to track your nutrition just by speaking into our mobile application or our website, or taking a photograph.

In India we are a “mobile-first” country. So we have more than 900 million mobile subscribers in the country.

Vikas Malpani

So we’re investing heavily in the mobile and the new technologies that are coming in, because we believe that's the future for the country.

We are the number one real estate portal in the country.

We employ technologies like Augmented Reality, where we're able to showcase the information that we have better.

When you're using our mobile app, no matter where you are, it detects your location, and you can turn on the Augmented Reality feature, and just see the properties around you. It's that simple.

We get data from you using our smart applications, we analyze it using huge cloud computing powers and give you feedback and insights on your application. We give these data to humans, to actual physical nutritionists and trainers who can analyze this data and come back with even smarter insights available to you on your smart phone.

Whatever you can monitor or whatever can generate information should be connected.

There are huge possibilities of making things more efficient, making things automated, as well as much more secure.

What we're seeing today really is a large convergence of all these paradigms coming together in your hand, really, through your smart phone. So it is indeed the world of Internet of Everything and HealthifyMe is clearly riding that wave.




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