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Get Inspired: Celebrating International Girls in ICT Day

CIsco leaders talk about the attributes women bring to STEM fields, and the opportunities offered by a career in Information and Communication Technology.

Kirsten Chiala
April 21 , 2014


John Chambers: Every job in the future will be technology skills that just happens to be a specialty in healthcare or insurance or other types of business.


Technology Is The Future

John Chambers: And this is why I'm asking you to think about technology being a key part of what you learn about your future.

Harbrinder Kang: Technology is always the cause of revolutions and change and I think were in the middle of one of those, and I'd want my girls, and any girls to be involved in that.

Fullscreen: By 2015 90% of jobs in all sectors will require tech skills

Rebecca Jacoby : The advice I would give any young woman thinking about a career in STEM is, what a great decision that would be! In today's business world every single field uses those core elements.

Kathy Mulvany : There's a number of things Cisco is doing to help get young women excited about careers in technology. First and foremost it starts with our employees and that our employees are very excited about doing a lot of different mentorship kind of programs around the world with young women.

Tae Yoo: More than half of the population of the entire world is comprised of girls and women. If you can educate and get them into the workforce, what it does is it creates a tremendous amount of economic empowerment.

Padmasree Warrior: There is a big strong stereotype that girls aren't good at math and science, and we need to bust that stereotype, I actually think girls are very very innately wired to be excelling in these kinds of fields.

Rebecca Jacoby: The attributes that women bring to stem related fields and even stem related conversations is really important, because women bring a different perspective in any kind of problem solving situation.

Harbrinder Kang: We are educating the architects of the Internet of everything with the networking Academy platform.

Padmasree Warrior: Mentoring young women in and careers in science and technology is a big passion of mine. There are such few women it is all of our responsibility to make sure we're helping each other. Tae Yoo: We live in a really really exciting time right now because technology enables opportunities that weren't available before. John Chambers: What technology allows you to do, it allows you to dream, and see what's possible and inspire and truly make it happen.

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