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An Ecosystem of Support for Women in Tech

Women in science and engineering (WISE) at Cisco talk about how they connect, inspire and empower each other, and the next generation of talent.

Kirsten Chiala
April 21 , 2014

WISE at Cisco has chapters in San Jose, Calif., Research Triangle Park, N.C., Shanghai, China, and a chapter in Europe coming soon.  The WISE Chapter in RTP, N.C. partners with the Connected Women Employee Resource Group at Cisco, to focus on employee retention in technical careers and STEM initiatives. WISE offers career advice and mentorship to employees and connects STEM students from around the globe via TelePresence.

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Transcript: Archana Kamath: I'm a female engineer I love to do what I do and I would love to have more female technologists join me.

If you like logical reasoning, problem solving this is a career for you.

Shweta Saraf: WISE is an employee resource group which is driven by passionate group of women.

Our focus is really to encourage women, empower their own career.

Punam Nagpal: i joined WISE because I'm passionate about giving back to my community. We are seeing shortage in IT fields for young girls and we really want them to empower we want to be role models for them.

My favorite part about being in WISE is I'm able to communicate to woman globally. We just started a chapter in China we are already more than 100 members strong.

One of the most popular events that we have is women in technology professional development series. It's a monthly event where we really bring in speakers from within Cisco or externally to talk about various topics like technology, and how to present.

One of the events we've had until now is called cookies with Cisco, we had university like Penn State kind of remote dial-in two different campuses like San Jose and LA through TelePresence and we had a panel of women technologists talking to the girls.

A few years back I was in my own cocoon and I broke the shell and started exploring my potential finding the opportunities which I could take up and grow my career, and then that passion just grew to give back, and that's why I feel there are many more people who may want this help and that's why wise as a community exists.


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