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VIDEO SERIES: True Stories of the Connected

True Stories of the Connected (Trailer)

This mini-documentary series captures the true, real-life stories of people using connected technology today to better their lives, their businesses and their communities for tomorrow. Amazing things happen when you connect the unconnected.

Karen Crocker Snell
March 19 , 2014

Transcript (English)

Connecting the unconnected means

Better Opportunities.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


I work for a nonprofit organization providing poor people first job experience with connected technology to have a better chance in the future.

Better Cities

 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I work in the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro as the city's chief digital officer to handle the social networks connecting City Hall and the citizens.  It's very cool to be able to help millions of people in their daily lives.

Better Healthcare

Vancouver, British Columbia


I'm a primary care physician. I take care of patients in very remote communities.  Technology allows me to listen to a patient's heart a thousand kilometers away.

Better Communication

 San Francisco, California


Before the Internet of everything, dispatchers could only handle 10 or 12 messengers at a time because of the constant verbal communications.  Now due to all of our connected software, a dispatcher can handle 30 or 40 messengers.

Better Harvests

Shelburne, Vermont


We installed a sensor system that records the temperature of the air, the temperature of the soil, the wetness of the leaves and the humidity.  And with that, improve the entire spectrum of agriculture. 

Better Infrastructure

San Carlos, California


In the San Carlos parking spaces can already talk to your phone. Imagine a future where fire hydrants can report leaks to the fire department. 

A Better Future


The thing that I've always waited to see is the refrigerator that knows what's inside it so when you're at the store you can ask the refrigerator if there's enough cheese.


I think that in the future when I work in my office I can see my family at home to make sure that they are secure.


The devises that you'll wear will be integrated into your daily life.  Knowing when you get into your car, how long it will take to get to work, if it will rain, of if there's and accident.  No matter where you are it will seamlessly provide information. 


Imagine a future where the pills my patients take transmit their vitals directly to me.  Where I can monitor their pulse 24/7, sent from a device near their heart to the phone in my pocket. It's about the doctor patient relationship.


It's about creating places that are safer and more productive, even more fun.  


You can communicate a lot of information to people and help them in their daily lives.

People. Process. Data. Things.  CONNECTED.  The Internet of Everything.



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