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A Community of Invention

A look at Quirky, a company that uses the voice of its community to bring new ideas to market.

Kevin Maney
March 17 , 2014




Transcript: Doreen Lorenzo/Quirky President: What you see at Quirky, is you see people solving real world problems every day.  They're solving the problems they have to live with, and that is really the purest form of innovation you could possibly get.

All you need to do at quirky is submit an idea, and we get everything from handwritten letters to two line sentences to full functioning prototypes. So we have designers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers and project managers and logistics people and distribution, and factory and sales, we do it all, you just have to come with a great idea.

graphic: A community of invention

We have amassed a community of close to million people. It's free to join, they can shop on Quirky for some of our products, they can invent which means they put their ideas up there, or they could influence. You can influence by helping with the naming of a product, the pricing of the product.

graphic: Helping invent the Connected Home

So, last year 20% of our ideas were related to connected home. So clearly this is something our community believes is important in their life and can improve problems that they have.

One is a product called spotter which is a sensor, and what it does is really that, senses if you left the door open. That really flew this past holiday season.

We love Porkfolio; Porkfolio is a wonderful new twist on a piggy bank and what it does is through our software which is the underlying connected software, as you put your coins into the pig it will teach your child how to count. It will show them how much money, how many nickels, how many quarters.

People have a voice and smart brands pay attention to those voices, and they listen to what the people have to say. So all we're really doing is tapping into the voice, we're listening to the people.

As our community grows... it grows by about a thousand members a day, it grows.. they're going to dictate the direction we're going in, they're going to help us decide our path. Like I said, last year 20% of our ideas came from connected home, who knows where those ideas are going to come from or what's going to be moving forward, but our community is going to tell us that and they are going to direct us down that path.

Kevin Maney: A lot of trends come together at Quirky, mobile, social, The Internet of Everything. This may be the future of innovation. From Quirky headquarters in New York, this is Kevin Maney.

graphic: #IoE, thenetwork.cisco.com



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