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The Internet of Everything Sparks Innovation

From tech start ups to Fortune 500 companies; from CIOs to social entrepreneurs, people are talking about the Internet of Everything and how it's fostering innovation in companies big and small.

March 17 , 2014





Graphic: How does the Internet of Everything foster innovation?

Chris Young/SVP Security Group, Cisco:From my perspective, IoE its not just about connected devices it’s about people. And it’s spawning what I think is the personalization of technology.

Doreen Lorenzo/President of Quirky: I think we have today is the capability and the ability to do it, so the technology is available to us to make it happen and what’s going to be the sweet spot is the ease of use.

John Stewart/Chief Security Officer, Cisco: I think it’s changing businesses, it’s changing companies, it’s changing personal lives.

Doreen: I can control my devices from a single source because that’s easy for me to do, I don’t ever have to remember shutting off my power cord again because I can just control that - that’s the stuff that’s going to make people’s lives easier.

John: I suspect we’re not even beginning to fully understand how innovation is going to change.

Sang Lee/CEO and Founder, Return on Change: I think on one school of thought its very, very scary that we’re going to be connected all the time, but at the same time you and I are connected right now and it’s kind of one of those things that makes mankind and society possible. In terms of New York City bringing technology to bear, is one of those powerful tools, it’s a great equalizer.

Gerald Mitchell/Swich: Internet of everything, has a really interesting mechanism to affect change.

Anthony Ramirez II/ Co-Founder Mainland Media, The Bronx Beerhall: You get critical feedback much faster than you would 10-15 years ago.

Rebecca Jacoby/Chief Information Officer, Cisco: As CIO, I think there's a huge opportunity to use many of the concepts of the Internet of Everything in order to actually run IT more efficiently and effectively and certainly more securely than we do today.

Frank Rimalovski/NYU Professor: We’re starting to see a lot of interesting and creative solutions to, in some cases problems we didn’t even know existed until these opportunities are created.

Graphic: The Internet of Everything: Making Innovation Happen



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