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Cisco Innovators: Cloud Innovation Lab

A new, yearlong internship program aims to bring the best and the brightest engineers together to work on today's hottest tech innovations…and move them forward.

Karen Crocker Snell
March 17 , 2014

Lew Tucker, CTO of Cloud Computing at Cisco, is known for embracing and developing new ideas in engineering and now he's developed a new internship program that focuses on mentorship and hands on experience for the next generation of tech leaders.

Transcript (ENGLISH)

Lew Tucker: It's hard to attract talent, talent is what everybody is going after today.

Here at Cisco we decided to take a new approach by particularly looking at International students where we can get some of the best and brightest.

Pengfei Zhang:  This is Silicon Valley, this is the center of the IT world, so who wouldn't want to come here.

Lew Tucker: They're coming in not necessarily with any experience on cloud computing, but they're bright,  they're energetic they can learn from each other and we can then direct that to what we need done in cloud computing.

Ailing Zhang: This experience will help me to know about the topics understand the hot topics in Silicon Valley and help me with my major choice – to choose my major in PhD degree.

Lew Tucker: I've found that students do best when you give them a modest amount of direction and then let them loose on solving a hard problem and then they will work together, that collaborative aspect is very important.

Damian Van Vuuren: It's a good thing they've brought people together from different place it gives people a chance to meet people from all over the globe.

Ailing Zhang: It's a great time for me, I don't want to leave, but O have to"

Pengfei Zhang: I love it here, I love Silicon Valley I love California, who don't love California

Lew Tucker: I personally enjoy trying something new, new ways to tap into talent. I'm always impressed, that is something I think motivates us all.

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