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VIDEO SERIES: Leadership@Cisco

Leadership@Cisco: Kathleen Weslock

Kathleen Weslock, Cisco's Chief Human Resources Officer, talks about her passion, her vintage pickup truck, and how technology is changing the way we learn.

Joie Healy
March 03 , 2014

Leadership@Cisco is a video series that introduces you to our leadership team at Cisco. View the entire series here.

Transcript: What am I most passionate about? I love what I do. I really love my job. I love the difference we make and I love teaching. I like to think I teach a master class in human resources and so my team who works with me will be even better.

Outside of work my children. Clearly I love them, I adore them. They live too far away for me right now or maybe I live too far from them, so I miss them. And lastly when I have time I love to work in my garden. So I guess you can see there's a theme here of nurturing and loving to see things grow.

Three characteristics of the leader first, you have to have vision. You have to know where you're going before anyone else knows where you're going.

Second, is courage. The courage to live up to that vision, the conviction to see it through to get the results and to say things or to see things that no one else will see.

Lastly, I think it's followership you can't lead unless your people who want to go with you.

Fullscreen: What are you most proud of as a leader?

In my last job before joining Cisco I had an HR team that went through a lot of difficulty. It was a very dispassionate team.

There hadn't been a leader for a while, it had just a lot of different stuff going on. And what I like the most was over the seven years we worked together as a team we collaborated I created a team that truly was world class.

I love being in the tech sector because I truly do believe technology is going to change how we do everything.

I think the way we learn will be different, I think the way to go to universities and grade school. It will all change because of technology so I just see things happening faster sooner and making the complicated less complex through use of technology.

Something about myself that may surprise you.. wow, I have a 1954 Chevy pickup truck that I will soon bring to California and be seen driving around. I am a want-to-be equestrian. I love to ride horses. I had a horse that was very high-level trained so he was teaching me how to ride. But I never got to the same level as he did so he was always the star of the team so that's why I'm a want-to-be equestrian.

I love what I do, and that's why I love being here at Cisco because we really do change people's lives and how they work live learn and play. And that's really important to me that I work for a company that's making a difference in the world and that has a culture where I can thrive.





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