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The Internet of Everything: Hyper Local City Navigation

New York City has a network of hi-tech, publicly accessible touch screens on neighborhood streets, giving people information when and where they need it most.

Karen Crocker Snell
January 28 , 2014



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Karen Crocker Snell: We're in the middle of New York City's Union Square where we're surrounded by shopping, restaurants, entertainment  helping us to find out where we want to go next is a network of touch screens delivering the information we want and need to know.

Tom Touchet: Cities need to inform, protect, and revitalize and so that's what we focus on.

KCS: Whether you're looking for the next train uptown or the closest farmer's market, City 24/7's kiosks connect people with real-time hyper-local information.

TT: So in your general couple block radius, if you can save somebody a couple bucks, or a couple minutes on a commute, they love it.

Mark Connors: Plans always change. My wife might come in with the kids, my freinds might want to meet at a different time. To find out all is one place what is going on locally as opposed to trying to search through your phone.

TT: What we need to do more than anything else is to help cities become smarter.

KCS: One way City 24/7 does this is by connecting people with critical information in times of crisis, as it did during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

TT: New Yorkers all wanted to help. They didn't know where to go, they didn't know what to do.

The idea that you could push that information out, that you could put it all on one quick place, it was on our service people were searching it out. And we think it made a difference.

KCS: You don't need to be standing at a kiosk to be in the know, all of City 24/7's content can be found on your mobile device. built

TT: We out essentially something that is mobile transferable. It's a high-end app, and we built it so that you can learn your transit information. You can use it essentially on your mobile phone, on your iPad, you can use it in the way that you're communicating now.

When I look 5 years out, what I see is instead of walking through a city like I do now and being targeted only by paper ads for generic brands -  I see a city actually able to have a conversation with the people who are in it.

I want to know all these cool things that can help me in a city. We're close. The Internet of Everything really helps make that a reality. But we're not there yet. In 5 years I think we'll get there.



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